The website visits the main statistic index of discharge

Core clew: The foundation that website visit statistic analyses is the basic data that gets website flow, these data can be divided roughly it is 3 kinds, every kinds include the statistical target of a certain number of amounts.

(Index of 1) website discharge

Index of website discharge statistic is commonly used will undertake evaluating to website effect, main index includes:

Amount of the person that visit independently (Unique Visitors);

Amount of the person that repeat a visit (Repeat Visitors)

The page browses number (Page Views);

The page of every person that visit browses number (Page Views Per User);

Certain and specific file / the statistical index of the page, if the page shows frequency, file download number,wait.

(Index of 2) user behavior

User behavior index basically mirrors an user is how come to the website, how long, visit stayed on the website those pages, main statistical index includes:

The user is in the retention period; of the website

User origin website (also make guide a website) ;

The search engine that user place uses reachs its keyword;

In the user of different period of time the visit measures a circumstance to wait.

(3) user browses the means of the website

Statistical index basically includes related the means of the user website that browse:

; of type of user online facilities

The name of user browser and version;

Resolution of computer of the person that visit shows mode;

The operating system name that user place uses and version;

The user is in geographical region distributinging state of affairs to wait.