The website undertakes preliminary diagnose 10 big radical move

Generally speaking the person that professional SEO service is offerred needs to undertake to the website preliminary diagnose, summed up below 10 websites diagnose basic measure:

The domain name diagnoses: The time length that includes to register, have without had been punished, the connection of the relation of domain name area and language, domain name and website content, length.

Place server: Include to visit place of speed, IP, have without be passed to wait by penalty.

The file of the webpage names regulation: Including place catalog name, use Chinese still is the English, abbreviate form that perhaps uses Chinese Phonetic Alphabet.

Website structure diagnoses: Use perpendicular type construction or compressed type structure, the website is in-house the join structure between each webpages how, of the database receive means to wait.

Exterior join diagnoses the website: Amount of the type of exterior link, exterior link and quality.

Website content diagnoses: Achieve a gender formerly, duplicate sex, repair the proportion that the content such as modified holds each, the dependency of content is analysed, sex of webpage content likeness is compared etc.

The website updates frequency: The website is possessory how long to just update oneself website, perhaps add, perhaps delete, modify a few content.

URL: Of dynamic form still is static form (include to rescript reach kind) , theoretic tell, dynamic URL is retrieved not quite easily, many of the static state.

Compose of Title, Description, Keywords: Too little it is to did not make full use of resource, too long be regarded as easily cogged, not quite good.

Literal editor and page dependency diagnose: Key word is chosen reach its the layout in the webpage, wrong text, picture size, dead link, cogged means.