The website searchs a rank, be careful by SEO flicker

The enterprise builds a website, nature is to have its specific reason and objective, but no matter be for company image,be to maintain client relationship, ask the website can let a target above all convenient, apace finds the client. The user enters the way of the website to basically have: Input network address in address column directly, enter through relevant link, click relevant advertisement to enter, wait through searching engine retrieval to be entered as a result, among them more it is the user retrieves a result to enter through searching engine, be aimed at the potential client that visits first especially, this kind of means particularly commonly used. If the user uses relevant key word to be searched through searching engine, and after your website discharges the 3rd page that searching a result, so the scope that the website is discovered by the user is very uncertain, more need not extravagant hopes reachs figure promotion of conduct propaganda, product, safeguard client relation to wait for network sale effect. This reflected search engine rank to spread the main effect that has to enterprise website, because this searchs engine to rank,also getting be chased after enthusiasticly hold in both hands, even some people regarded search engine rank as website operation is successful indicate or regard search engine rank as the target that the website optimizes. A part divides to rank pertinent question to undertake an analysis to searching engine below:

One, must want to make clear above all a bit, is the enterprise builds a website for the rank?

Not be of course. The enterprise builds a website have its objective, no matter be for company image,be to maintain client relationship, the website is final present an user, should provide valuable information for the user or serve, assuming the heavy responsibility that produces network sale effect, searching engine result to rank is a method only, be not a purpose, before the rank leans, be to let him commendation with better in numerous competitor website just.

According to Feng Ying Jianbo person " network sale foundation and practice " (the 2nd edition) the relevant content in foundation of sale of engine of search of the 4th chapter, alleged search engine is optimized (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) , retrieve a characteristic in the light of what all sorts of search index prop up namely, let a webpage design those who suit to search engine to retrieve a principle (search engine namely friendly) , obtain search engine to collect thereby and all sorts of behavior before lean in the rank. Rank of visible search engine is search engine optimize achievement reflect, search engine optimizes the natural rank that raised a website to go up in search engine, achieve goal of search engine sale, make the website has potential commercial competition advantage.

Enterprise website should achieve the result of the purpose that build a station and network sale, it is to rely on search engine to optimize not just, more important is to want to undertake to the website whole is optimized, . The website optimizes the content that includes 3 fields: Optimize to the user, optimize to searching engine, optimize to what website operation safeguards. The website is optimized be not is to search engine to optimize only, searching engine to optimize is the website optimizes the one part in the design only. Optimize the website very easily be equal to be optimized at searching engine, the effect that main reason is designing an element to optimize a state to searching engine at the website is very apparent and direct, because this is caused more easily,take seriously. What the attention answers in the meantime is, website design is optimized is to search engine to optimize not just, its core remains pair of users optimize, because this should hold to an user to direct is not,search engine to direct, this also is the place that the website optimizes the important distinction that optimizes basic idea with search engine.

This shows, search engine ranks what just search engine to optimize a result to reflect, and search engine is optimized is the one part that the website optimizes only, the practice that alls alone search engine rank regards website operation target as so is quite funny. The website is optimized is the work with higher demand of a technology, functionary of most enterprise website does not understand very, especially traditional business, the relation that ranks to the website is optimized and searching engine is not very clear, search engine rank is mixed by such excessive attention chase after hold in both hands, cannot leave the be good at teaching of rubbish SEO.

2, excessive pursuit searchs engine to rank, the way that can SEO take commonly?

At present socially company of a few SEO is hitting the banner that assures a rank to promote search engine to optimize a service to the enterprise, the enterprise that does not have the door for promotion of suffer from network really brought dawn of a gleam of, they held the impatient mentality with fast effect of these enterprise ask to see namely, made look be like get effective fast actually damages client long-term interests optimize. Exceeding pursuit searchs engine to rank, below the limitation of time and cost, those SEO certainly will that assure a rank are about to use Ji of secret of a few shortcut to achieve the result that its assure, however just of Ji of these so called shortcut, secret is cogged gimmick, basically have:

1.Door page (Doorway Page) : Also call Bridge/Portal/Jump/Entry Page. It is to be certain key word special made page, all alone for search engine is designed only, the purpose is to raise specific keyword to be in what what the rank in searching engine designs to contain a lot ofthe domain name of target keyword, and heavy directional the true website to another domain name.

2.Cogged link technology / baleful link (Link Spamming) : Typical cogged link technology includes to link a factory (a large amount of Link Farms) , links exchange a program (Bulk Link Exchange Programs) , across is linked (Cross Link)

3. misdirect sex or repeatability keyword: Misdirect sex keyword (the person that Misleading Words) uses as irrelevant as this webpage fine long hair misdirect sex keyword to attract the visit that inquires this theme in the page namely visits a website.

4. is invisible page (Cloaked Page) : Right the person that visit actually or search engine either just conceal true website content, be not the content with true search friendly engine to promote a rank with alling alone to search engine is offerred.

5.Conceal text / obscure a link: Show the webpage alls alone for search engine place is designed only, but common the text content that the person that visit cannot see or link, the font color that is a link character commonly is moved into as identical as setting color.

6.Webpage and description not agree with: Happen at referring a website to search engine first commonly, this website is replaced with other page again after waiting for this website to be collected.

The site with duplicate 7. or webpage: The commonnest should belong to mirror image site (Mirror Sites) . The content that carries duplicate website or page allocates in order to differ domain name and server, search engine to undertake for many times indexing to same site or same page with this deceit.

8.Beguiling sex is heavy directional (Deceptive Redirects) : The first page that visits the user namely (land page) weigh quickly directional the page that differs completely to a content.

9. log cheats behavior: Undertake through taller to grade of a few pages site many what click in an attempt to to rank these sites phonily is highest in log of the person that cite, obtain them thereby guide link.

See apparently, so called the opportunity that assures to rank even if adopt deceit, cogged method to get search engine algorithm, these practices are search engine place unallowed, its serious harm user experience. Affect the objectivity that searchs engine not only, also be the behavior of a kind of nearsightedness to enterprise oneself, once search engine discovery to will be punished severely, besides blindly cater to search engine algorithm and ignoring an user to experience is abandon the action that demands end originally one kind, because search engine is final,also be for the user better obtain valuable information and service, do not have valuable website to the user, before the rank leans again, also cannot bring a profit for the enterprise, even if be cheated to click the visit with enter a website to bring certain to measure, that also is no point. The assurance of SEO of rubbish of believe what one hears ranks acceptance, damage kills not only it is user and search engine, more serious is enterprise website should pay enormous price accordingly.

3, excessive pursuit searchs engine to rank, is what the website is about to be faced with serious and sequential?

Tell above, the website before all alone engine meets search to obtain a rank to lean to taking deceit, cogged step has penalty, as the development that searchs engine technology, cogged detect the technology is more and more advanced also, although was to cogged gimmick search alls alone engine just has,answer measure, but the secret Ji method that form form type assures to the SEO of the rank is applied also is not impeccable, when total meeting has the get behind that be propped up by search index, to in those days these websites will become the funerary object that punishs cogged measure, forever in the Internet ocean of dejected Yu Haohan. Be based on the seriousness of cogged rank and harm sex, user and search engine are detest, the castigatory measure that searchs engine so also is none of be irresolute when firmness is needed, each main search index props up the castigatory measure of pair of cogged websites to have:

1.Google: The PR value of the website turns into 0; The exterior link number of the website turns into 0; Website rank drops to perhaps disappear very quickly from inside Google.

2. Baidu: Slight penalty: Reduce the rank of the webpage a little; Common penalty: Certain keyword rank is reduced substantially; Severe penalty: The website disappears from inside Baidu; Reject to collect: Contain baleful code or baleful plug-in unit, if the user is complained, classics Baidu affirms will be rejected to collect.

The search in 3. : Search uses a variety of methods in penalty is cogged. Ban, index only the part is normal content (do not reduce advantageous position) , after whole webpage sort is pushed, joint liability; According to historical record, search has cogged blacklist in, the website in blacklist is to be on guard mainly, monitoring object; According to cogged monitoring algorithm computation comes out to divide the website with very high cost to also can be examined by the key; Have slight and cogged basic and normal webpage, search can collect normal content only in, be like implicit the content such as the character does not construct index; The webpage that has more cogged feature can be decreased to counterpoise, basically advanced a few pages appear without the opportunity; The webpage that the bag contains the link that points to cogged webpage is met by embroil, assume joint liability; Each link monitoring that search can search engine technology in are cogged, at the same time the webpage of revulsion of key monitoring sort, the website does not divide size, do not divide far and near of relative of domain, part to get the monitoring of weekly 7*24 hour. Outside eliminating automatic supervisory system, still have group of an artificial monitoring blow is cogged.

Searching engine to rank is the website optimizes the nature of the effect to reflect, unfavorable and sedulous importune, want sureness to insist to be central principle to make the essential technique that good website optimizes with the user only, rank the thing that success will come when conditions are ripe is before leaning. From purpose, practice, consequence according to above 3 just face the analysis that searchs engine rank, the enterprise optimizes the weight that search engine should face up to to rank in the process and action size in executive website, remind broad intranet the station searchs engine to rank, be careful by SEO flicker.