The website rebuilds how to to lose existing search engine to rank

Core clew: How should we avoid to rebuild in the website does both neither break existing rank to become good basis for rebuilding website again?

The purpose that the website rebuilds is to achieve better performance. Accordingly, the first business that should do ponders over new website to appear with what new form namely with Seo, new website is in construction process, want to consider to maintain original website to have a rank already, it is ranks of a few important crucial point word extremely. What search index props up pair of websites is newer very sensitive, little change, some even if resemble turning a place of business to the webpage, makeup play the part of makeup play the part of, can cause very big rank change.

The website rebuilds, no more than has two objectives. The first, the sense organ of the person that visit to make the website can be attracted more, make website more facilitate the person that visit is used. The 2nd, promote a website the rank in searching engine. In this both in, we need to be main goal with the 2nd purpose, the first goal is achieved on this foundation. Because,this is, did not search a rank, with respect to the person that won’t have a lot of visits, again good website, also do not have a person to admire. This is the most important principle that when the author is designing guidance to a lot of websites, stresses.

The first: What to decide above all old the webpage obtained very good rank in searching engine.

Since these webpage ranks are pretty good, change or delay less as far as possible in their name in new website and content with.

The 2nd: Do not change original website structure and webpage to name as far as possible.

Of course, if original structure and content do not suit to search engine, it is need change for a short while. The structure that reservation alls alone to search engine suits so, although of the webpage showed form and content to pass change, search engine or can find a webpage according to former road, be collected quickly afresh and replace original memory. This transfers the course is the shortest, most unobstructed.

The 3rd: Inside the period of time after new website is published, continue to withhold old website structure and content, do not want the cancel on the horse.

In original old website, build appropriate join to arrive new webpage, guide search engine to reach new place. If so some websites are abandaned, be about to make a 404 pages avoid to search engine come up against vacuum immediately. Important webpage, if must be abandaned because of the need of the design, be about to use 301 permanent turn to new webpage.

The 4th: The Xml site map that best method is use Google will tell Google your website was updated.

Can remind Google my website changes so, shorten interim.

The 5th: You need to know, when a lot of content add inside your new website, perhaps change a website after the structure is very acuteness, search engine should spend more time possibly to observe the website that analyses you.

The associated sex between the associated sex between the content that search engine needs to evaluate you and old before content, link, and new content of so much has what kind of contribution and effect to website theme.

The 6th: The last method is the discharge loss that considers to use contest price rank to make up for interim.

Your budget is best the advertisement that can help you last two months puts in. The term that does not go competing to be concerned with your brand and company name, because these terms are in your new website most recover a rank easily.