The website ranks the main case study that drop in Baidu

When the algorithm that searchs engine is changed or be strengthened, the rank of certain key word that brings about a few websites disappears, a few administrators disappeared with respect to the website that says them. Be not actually such, the meeting when in the search engine algorithm is changed or be being strengthened causes a few pages to lose, perhaps filter, punished some a few pages is not whole website.

If be all pages of the website,disappeared (the URL that can search a website directly in Google can is informed) , may cause by the following reason:

A. Your server is in crucial when appeared breakdown cannot be visited normally;
B. Your website is put in Robots.txt problem;
C. Because use,optimize gimmick shockingly, your website is indexed prop up by search kept clear of from inside its index;

If be the page key word of one part only,the rank drops, the key word of very much perhaps page ranks special difference. This is likely:

A. You are in optimize unfair action appears to be discovered by search engine on gimmick;
B. The algorithm that searchs engine produced major change;
C. The regulation that allow is before you did a few principles that violate search engine to go out newly to perhaps be changed in algorithm, now have been to violate compasses, have certain punishment to your website so;

A few detailed accounts are below:

1, from begin basically: Whether did your server produce the appearance that cannot visit normally in the near future?

The server cannot be visited normally is a when bring about a rank to drop most common element, accordingly, you must not undertake to your website any revise, simply has managed your server, assure can normal visit, be in especially crucial moment;

2, whether did you use Robot.txt document, if be if, so whether did you ever undertake modification to its recently, and bring about produced a few solecism, prevent search engine to index thereby your website?

The mistake in Robot.txt code or Robot.txt places positional mistake the meeting is a lot of more potential the wrong element that cannot expect, if you want to search engine to collect you whole website, you can need not place Robot.txt document, engine of the search below acquiescent circumstance is to be able to collect you of whole website.

3, whether do you undertake optimizing to your website ceaselessly recently? Interior revises can bring the potential error that cause to include:
A. Optimize some key word too much, revise Title for example, meta and wait for label.
B. Interior links a structure, link the change of text especially; If be the purpose that goes out to optimize and modification link structure and the word that link text, one not the novel can is immersed in filter trap, abuse key word especially, cause key word density too big.

4, whether did you increase a domain name to change direction?

Occasionally search engine counterpoise changes direction appear special defy, changing direction again suppose is for optimized word, use please 301 is not 302 change direction. If turn to suitable word again, this will be a very main tool.

5, whether do you have a certain quantity of significant link? Or your link strategy is to come today, will go tomorrow? If you are used,this kind of politic word perhaps can obtain right result. But if you add too much link to the small website that you build,go up, too much perhaps link is pointed to same an URL. So the penalty that you have an opportunity to be searched engine extremely. Because search the algorithm of engine to be in,improve ceaselessly, applicable before thing arrived today or already no longer applicable.

6, whether did you establish a link with cogged website?

7, whether be be punished as a result of duplicate content? A few example are as follows:
A. Whole website was used same a pattern plate;
B. Used as identical as other website pattern plate;
C. Your competitor mirror your website;
D. From old domain name is weighed directional to new domain name falls.
E. Excessive the website that depends on Robot.txt to guide a spider to collect you;

8, whether to use Cloaking to cheat search engine?

9, whether does your website advertise on certain and large website, and had withdrawn ad recently?

Advertise on certain big website, especially text advertisement. This very the rank that is helpful for raising your website. Once, link take out, the rank also is met naturally subsequently and drop.