The website plots fast SEO elementary course

Regard a website as the plan, learn knowledge of a bit SEO to be able to let you be in concoctive website and even until the website is popularized have a definite object in view.

Keyword part

1. The key word in caption <title>
This is the place with place a keyword the most important. The word inside Title is counted must brief, most 6-7 word (the word of Chinese, everybody consider, namely 10 many Chinese characters) , before the keyword must lean

Weight: + 3

2. The keyword in URL

The keyword in URL also has very great help. For example: / Seo-services.html, if you do not have the other place in the page to place a keyword, might as well in putting them to URL (this Chinese webpage is not quite appropriate, because Chinese keyword is not included in the URL of our Chinese website commonly, what I point to is be aimed at Chinese keyword optimize)

Weight: + 3

3. The keyword of whole page documentation

This is another very main factor that needs you to detect. Will tell 3-7% commonly is best, 1-2% is too little. If exceed 10% to have,select risk, the likelihood is considered as to be in by search engine cogged, must take care so.

Weight: + 3

4. Anchor nods medium keyword
It is very important that anchor orders same page, especially InBoundLinks (catenary enters a link — come over from other website) anchorage dot character. If your keyword is contained in the anchorage dot from the link that other website comes over, was equivalent to this website casting you one ticket.

Weight: + 3

5. The keyword of page coping (can use H1, h2 is added thick)

This position is very significant also, but the thing at this keyword is concerned really in the written language that wants the website that decides you, can be considered as to be in otherwise cogged.

Weight: + 3

6. Whole page is main the keyword of the begin of literal content

This although do not have anchor to order a written language, title, coping character is so main, but you also should he considers inside. What notice even additionally is " of the page germinant " not imply the first paragraph of this article, because if the word of form of your try out, the character of main stage may be in the 2nd part of form.

Weight: + 2

7. The keyword in <alt>

Search spider won’t read the content that takes a picture, but can read the literal description that takes a picture: <alt> . If your page is medium the word of the picture, should add appropriate keyword for the picture with <alt> mark.

Weight: + 2

The keyword in 8.Meta

The importance of Meta keyword becomes lower and lower, it is especially in Google. But Yahoo and MSN still regard reference as them. If you are in,want to consider Yahoo so or the word of MSN, write the thing of this part on! Without giving thought to how, adding these label do not have what disadvantage, premise is you are not added in disorder.

Weight: + 1

9. The keyword is close to degree
The keyword is close to degree with the associated Chengdu that will measure whole page keyword. For instance you want to optimize " Dog Food " , so " Dog " and " Food " between be linked together with blank space directly is best, other characters are not inserted again among. So " Dog Food " it is best, if you " Dog " put in the first paragraph, " Food " if be being put to the 3rd paragraph, search spider still can calculate them inside, but not above the first kind effect is good. The keyword is close degree basically use at the keyword that comprises by 2 many keywords.

Weight: + 1

10. Key word phrase

You can use the keyword word group that forms by many words, be like " SEO Services " the keyword that optimizes when you is very popular (those who point to is a lot of person be in optimize this) when, this kind of method is best. You can look for a few adjacent relevant keywords, combine them next, may get comparative new keyword word group, take it to regard optimized keyword as the likelihood the effect will be better.

Weight: + 1

11. The 2nd keyword
The 2nd keyword

The 2nd keyword is done optimizing is one again good the plan that does not pass, because everybody is in,optimize the most popular keyword, so the cost that set relatively not close keyword to reduce competition for the page.

Weight: + 1

12. Keyword branch

Keyword branch

This does not calculate a factor to English, because of English of a word child configuration and former state are about the same. For instance on your page Dog this keyword, so Dog, dogs, doggy. Can be considered as relevant couplet. But to other language keyword child configuration may differ with former state very far, for instance Chinese, “Music, rock and roll page " the likelihood regards music as the website is very important keyword, but it is different completely. So you consider with respect to need relevant keyword with one one’s heart is optimized.
Weight: + 1

13. Synonymous

Optimize a keyword while, best can this keyword synonymous undertake optimizing together.

Weight: + 1

14. Wrong keyword

Spelling mistake is the thing that often produces, if you realize this is nodded, you may be popular keyword the keyword that the word of misspelling regards the likelihood as him. For example, (I.e. Christmas And Xmas) , you can try to be optimized to these doing, yes, bring a few discharge really possibly to you so, but the likelihood gives others very the impression of flooey, so you had better not work so.

Weight: + 0

15. The keyword is changed infirmly

When you optimize a large number of keywords (especially irrelvant) , the quality of keyword of meeting impression whole, such likelihoods are brought about advocate the action of the keyword is lost to change.

Weight: – 2

16. Rubbish keyword

If your keyword density is more than 10% , can be considered as rubbish keyword, bring about the likelihood the penalty that be propped up by search index so.

Weight: – 3