The website optimizes the relation that optimizes with search engine

The website optimizes the content that includes 3 fields: Optimize to the user, optimize to searching engine, optimize to what website operation safeguards.

Visible, the website optimizes a thought to think the website optimizes the relation that optimizes with search engine is:

The website optimizes a design to be not is to search engine to optimize only, searching engine to optimize is the website optimizes the one part in the design only. Optimize the website very easily be equal to be optimized at searching engine, the effect that main reason is designing an element to optimize a state to searching engine at the website is very apparent and direct, because this is caused more easily,take seriously. What the attention answers in the meantime is, website design is optimized is to search engine to optimize not just, its core remains pair of users optimize, because this should hold to an user to direct is not,search engine to direct, this also is the place that the website optimizes the important distinction that optimizes basic idea with search engine.

The website optimizes basic idea to plant emphasize insisting to be oriented principle with the user

Because whether the content of the website and service are valuable,be final will judge by the user, the expression in although the website is in,searching engine is very good, if user use feeling is very no-go, won’t produce ideal result likewise. And, website promotion also is not depend on search engine completely, still need to consider all sorts of relevant factors integratedly. The content of 3 levels in optimizing a design because of this website cannot attend to one thing and lose another, should come true to be optimized in the round, be opposite especially of the user optimize should put in the first place.

Diagnostic analysis plan is being optimized in the website is the consideration that stems from pair of users to get information kimono Wu above all

Include to be gotten from interior information and exterior (search engine) the respect such as convenience sex. Actually, the user optimizes first principle and search engine is consistent substantially, searching engine to collect the rank regulation of the webpage also is the habitual respect consideration that gets information from the user, if the user got information to go to the lavatory, to search engine, also can regard such webpage as the webpage of high quality, achieve good in searching engine rank result thereby.

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