The website optimizes the key in the process to choose the option of the keyword

1. chooses relevant key word

Choose the key that relevant key word is our get victory to a company, choose key word to must be concerned at the product of our oneself. Not will at irrelvant of our oneself industry those so called popular key word appear in our website, increase the visit amount of the website thereby. Does one the next search just think is the person of electric equipment met is to you domestic Chinese cabbage interested? Such doing not only immoral and still a person of extraordinary powers is insignificant, of course some of person can say can bring a few discharge to the website, but the consumer that we think to we are the product us gives need our product, do not provide other information. Rely on this kind of cogged behavior, is visit volume again high what is used?

2. chooses specific key word

Want to avoid a few limits to compare wide term when choosing key word, remember be in group in one is done at that time groom, he wants to groom key word for Qingdao surely, we think Qingdao grooms this key word is differ a right key word, because include range too wide, right now choice Qingdao computer grooms meet any better.

Right now someone can say Qingdao grooms include range wide, why need not. It is with Baidu exemple: Key word Qingdao grooms, find relevant webpage about 1, 800, 000, the 0.001 seconds when using. Computer of key word Qingdao grooms find relevant webpage about 434, 000, qingdao of the 0.001 seconds when using grooms had become 7 digit, and Qingdao computer grooms is 6 digit. Want to show itself to have bit of difficulty really in 7 digit. And Qingdao computer grooms we have more opportunity platoons to be before competitor.

3. chooses longer keyword

Because of the search engine supports word much form or break a word to inquire, can use for instance: East battalion SEO when do not use SEO as far as possible, there can be the possibility that is retrieved while the webpage that can assure you so is inquiring SEO and Tai’an SEO.

The choice skill of 4. keyword

Do not be confined to certain word when we choose a keyword, we should spread out key word enlarge, how patulous very simple. Our key word is inputted in Baidu search engine———Relevant search——–More and relevant search. If the keyword platoon of your company is advanced 10, company outstanding achievement reverses times growth, so congratulation you, your key word is the choice is right, your website SEO is right. If dear comrade your website is certain key word is advanced also 10 but business did not change, so warn you, your key word chooses a mistake! Oneself search seek an account, bury is good the key word above, raise your black rim of the eye, continue to choose!

5. seeks key word

Did the like-minded black rim of the eye above become good? Hey! ~ says a few methods about seeking key word in this, if you are the leader of your company, it is very clear that I think you who is your adversary, is knowing not? Good! Find their website next, the analysis analyses their key word to be helped somewhat to you probably! How does him analysis want to go!

You are the leader of your company, good that organization opens a meeting, collectivity organizes brains storm, comrades communicate the idea that communicates his, you have an apple I have an apple to we exchange us each other or have an apple severally, you have a key word I have a key word we are exchanged each other, have two key word with respect to nobody. If the likelihood closes,rise to have a keyword.

The website of the website that uses a few keywords to analyse software to analyse his and competitor learns from others’s strong points to offset his weakness!

6. avoids key word to repeat in great quantities

Since search engine to like key word,some people can say, why don’t we come a key word dine together, the comrade became good thinking downward. Because this is older way, I estimate to be concerned below the father-in-law at the story that dine together! If ~~~~ undertakes sedulous key word piles up, won’t obtain the effect to say likely still to do obeisance to with search engine not only! Remembering is to do obeisance to doing obeisance to is not good-bye! Some people can ask key word appears a few times to calculate in article appropriate! I want to want key word to appear in the time with proper right place only search engine can like. The color setting that does not want a key word makes the setting facial expression that people cannot see and search engine can examine, also can be regarded as by search engine so of cogged processing.