The website optimizes: Should take an user seriously and not be to take a technology seriously

The website that says commonly is optimized also be equal to be optimized at searching engine, also call SEO, but the website is optimized is not simple search engine is optimized, true website optimizes what should include to search engine to optimize the person that use with the website. Searching engine to optimize at best is what bring to the website is discharge, is not a client, it is wasteful bandwidth resource, is not to give an enterprise to bring income.

The discharge that brings like the website cannot the client with effective true translate into, resource of so honest and wasteful network, website platoon is before search engine, at best is a technology only reflect, from the point of such angle, it is dead that this kind of website is optimized optimize, can so saying the website is optimized is already dead, because not only do not bring profit to the website, and it is to take up the bandwidth resource of the website. If the website is optimized,be with the technology really oriented, so still be inferior to be not being optimized.

Optimize for oriented website with the technology, that is returned should should take pair of website users seriously more optimize, how the client with user true translate into, this ability is the marrow that the website optimizes. What bring IP to give a website and revise the website is farfetched, destroyed the user experience of the website, make the user cannot go to the lavatory to understand its website content quickly, website vision effect is poor (just think: Destroyed original website whole style, the website optimizes font of commonly used method to add thick accentuation, and the keyword piles up, such method is used too much, is the visual effect of the website good? ) , produce visual exhaustion easily, so serious destruction the user experiences behavior, I want to enter a website to arrive leave a website to estimate have more than is needed 10 seconds, such website discharge can generate a sale or become potential client, I think is won’t, the person that also can have individual visit of course is exceptional.

The user of the website when the last kilometer that the website optimizes is optimized, only website user has experienced, ability can produce the likelihood of the sale. Alibaba of the website optimize, have the methodological demur that expert of a lot of SEO optimizes to its, a lot of methods do not accord with SEO principle, do not want to talk about the method that the website optimizes Alibaba here, probably Alibaba’s website is optimized is not to accord with a website to optimize a principle, but the user experience that website dispute of Alibaba often takes a website seriously, no matter be,in Alibaba website initial stage is returned is now, pay attention to website user all the time optimize, take website user experience seriously, from this Alibaba’s website optimizes dispute to often succeed for the respect.

For website of opposite Yu Huicong, expert of a lot of SEO thinking the website optimizes a method is better than Alibaba, but Hui Cong is in B2B market share is far little Yualibaba, the individual thinks website user of Alibaba experiences it is good to should compare Hui Cong. Of course, this also is not to affect share of Hui Cong market to compare Alibaba’s little real reason, but this also is among them an element just.

The website optimizes a proposal: Should take an user seriously and the website is optimized is not to take a technology seriously. The leading role of the website is an user, is not a technology. If have time, can go studying accrual compares good website, will discovering this kind of website optimizes a technology is not best, but have a common characteristic, that is an user the experience is very good, typical case entertains guests website of 800 nets, Coke Cola.

In light of the angle that optimizes from the user, all alone engine optimizes the search that destroys user experience to already died.

Author: Wu Xiangjie

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