The website optimizes SEO to need patience and time

Study Seo also has very long period of time, this paragraph of time also handled a lot of case, have the test that passes a lot of times and test, optimize to the website, oneself also have a lot of experience, communicate a few results that issue oneself and experience together with everybody now:

1, the website optimizes need time, doing a website to optimize is not after saying you undertook optimizing to the website, the effect can come out, your website rank went up immediately, this is impossible almost, the website optimizes need time, search engine gifts your good rank, need time more, a website searched engine to achieve certain degree of belief to just can give you a good rank only.

2, the website optimizes need you hold to and patient, did not do optimize period of time, the rank did not change all the time or contrary rank dropped instead, lost confidence, occasionally, the rise of the rank needs very long time, also have particular concern with your website.

3, the website is optimized also is not inapproachable, not all word can be optimized go up, also not be saying the website is optimized is successful, occasionally you did not make what mistake, the website also may produce certain unusual appearance, the element that be ranked because of absolutely website and behaves is too much and too much, you are impossible every because of what do very perfect, some elements you cannot be changed, but you hold on, it is time problem only, your website has a good performance to final meeting.

4, the website is optimized is not, half month can be done, anxious want the result do not do optimize, spend money to did contest price to get directly, effect of 3 days of what had.

5, it is not stable that the website is optimized, but also changing every day, search what engine is changing all the time, before everybody dare make sure your website can be ranked all the time 3 or the first page. If,can saying only is your optimize the get at that do, every time change is less to your influence just, the fall of the rank perhaps changes, disappearing even also is normal occasionally, if do not have what problem, rank what can come back sooner or later, just need paragraph of time.

6, the website is optimized is not to say the word time that makes hard is long, good the time that make is short, just relative to character, and optimizing gimmick also is varied, secure mode without what, the highroad connects Rome, optimize the process that is a ceaseless attempt.

7, the website is optimized should operate normally, temporarily pleasure perhaps ranks covet and must not use an extreme, do not have a thing temporarily, the thing is done not have after be not being represented, long-term in light of, normal still operation is safer.

8, the website is optimized use cogged method, not be to say you are cogged, can be punished immediately, your station is occasionally indescribable with respect to occurrence problem, place of this a few criminal record that may be before brings about, extensive of so-called the arm of the law, scanty and do not leak.

9, the website is optimized very tired really, occasionally very drab also, but when you are successful, the sort of achievement feels, cannot convey with the language.

10, the website optimizes need to hold to, need holds to patiently even if win, final you also can be harvested somewhat.

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