The website optimizes plan is equitable distribution home page above all

Core clew: Website home page is to be used guide an user to read child of the page. No matter how optimize website home page, need around this tenet, any home page that break away from this tenet optimize be failure.

The home page of the website serves as the other page that guides an user to browse a website to there is all in all effect in SEO, how to undertake layout home page is the website optimizes the first pace in plan reasonably.

Website home page optimizes need around move a tenet, this is: Website home page is to be used guide an user to read child of the page. No matter how optimize website home page, need around this tenet, any home page that break away from this tenet optimize be failure. This wants accurate, clear, key to highlight with respect to the description of requirement home page, and use statement of the sex that entice or have different meanings sentence or the picture be being put on home page is a few foolish methods. Do a meeting to bring about the tourist’s disgust so, lose the person that dutiful is visited. For example those still are used history on most on Niu Shi the strongest the article that these vocabularies title, what website most is scolded is very miserable.

An outstanding website home page must beautiful, can bring tourist guide guest correctly to browse a webpage at the same time, additional and reasonable advertisement layout also is measure a level importantly, after all stationmaster people hope to carry ad the earnings that achieves ideal, this is one of profit pattern of the website, this a few demand must pass above reasonable layout website home page will achieve. Home page of reasonable design layout website needs to abide by when:

1, the subject of home page is only, highlight the center of the website effectively. Relying on individual strength or small group power is the construction demand that cannot realize portal website, much center, much theme can accomplish; of station of a rubbish only

2, the sales promotion advertisement of home page cannot too much. Advertisement is too much and easy attention of the person that visit dispersedly, and affected them deeper the discharge website of one pace, at the same time overmuch advertisement also can cause the allergy; of the person that visit easily

3, home page must include active the action that appeals a gender, this leads link and user easily the webpage to you. The page of a passive type lets an user easily visit the user the website of other through the link, passivity means devoid viewpoint, original understanding and confidence, these let caller easily associate to content to lack new idea, empty, faint;

4, home page the dividing line that needs to have a faintness between edition piece, do not let over or across of a content many edition piece the structural; that will destroy a page

5, introduce in what the keyword notices on the use of caption, can building a good home page so while the rank that obtains an ideal.

In do above when the basiccest (frame) after the part, farther need achieves following requirements:

1, home page similar design style should be used between edition piece, the style that does not allow every edition piece each other are different, destroyed the integral style of the page otherwise, let a page compare messy; it seems that

2, the main topic of the website falls in the premise that highlights as far as possible, as far as possible the number that reduces navigation, namely caller can be clicked less as far as possible can see content, normally a more commonly used method is to adopt elite edition piece – divide a such structures to realize this target; individually

3, use navigation system is used guide caller to arrive special column page;

4, the need on home page is made clear all rights reserved, avoid duty the has legal effect specification with similar statement, normally these are put to be in page leg part.

In actual unit process of cargo bandling, the home page that business affairs of a few electrons stands is a very good example, for instance they have Yamaxun, Alibaba very good home page guides an user to browse more pages.

Additionally the website optimizes special attention still needs in plan the following:

Spend more time to optimize webpage link to link an amount to have action; more than increasing in home page

Spend more time to achieve an article to have action; more than reprinting the article of estreat others formerly

The way that spends more time to take an implied meaning has effect more than designing article caption.

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