The website optimizes obligatory course to analyse a competitor quickly 7 measure

Core clew: Any domains, you have a competitor. Correspondence is optimized to Seo on, the competitor’s analysis, appear particularly important.

Large website is optimized, it is the job that a lot of Seoer like, regard the large website of intermediary bodily form as the enterprise, often have the art design program of full-time, the editor group of full-time, through Seoer reasonable Seo suggests, often can achieve very good result through be being optimized inside the station merely.

And experienced at present the high speed of Internet develops, go up in Internet at present, can say to had done not have La Hai model domain, every domain, can saying is one big two small competition models are being propped up (a very strong big station, two a bit smaller a bit weaker websites after follow closely period, every domain such, say any domains so, you have a competitor. Correspondence is optimized to Seo on, the competitor’s analysis, appear particularly important.

So how to analyse a competitor quickly, demon combines his experience below, tell to everybody:

Fast analysis competitor has about in Seo so a few paces:

Of 1) analysis competitor collect a state

Main analysis competitor alls alone in search engine collects a state mediumly, compare with oneself, home will tell, basically be analytic website in Baidu and Google it is OK to collect a state. Collected a state to show the scope magnitude of competitor website, in principle is collected more, dimensions jumps over big website, weight is taller. Find the collection is very simple, check in searching engine: Site:lIt is OK that sees a page this kind count. Attention, find here collection, must check top class domain name. Especially large media site, often have domain name of very much grade, checking Www is otiose.

2) analyses exterior link situation of the competitor

Basically be the Pr that checks a competitor, sogou Rank, yahoo Link, 3 index, undertake comparative with oneself, conditional word, can domain name of a 2 grade compares domain name of a 2 grade, the fast word that see, see next Www simply also can evaluate the weight that gives opponent. Besides the amount, the chain that had better visit websites of next the other side even answers the weight of the site, it is some of very sodden station, still be the website with taller weight.

Snapshot of 3) search engine is right the newer rate of the website

See the newer finally rate of the search engine snapshot inside Site directly, decided Se climbs those who take a website and the frequency that brings back index server. Snapshot is newer, the weight in stating the website is searching engine is taller.

The rank state of competitor of keyword of 4) main core

Since be your competitor, a lot of business and you have competition, reflect go up in the keyword, it is keyword of business of a lot of core metropolis and you have competition, the core keyword of the competitor below statistic ranks a state, also can judge the extent that at present Seo optimizes the other side.

Structure of interior of 5) competition website optimizes a trace

Whether does interior have the website that checks next competitors to optimize a trace apparently, whether was Title passed for instance classification compose, whether has Url done bogus static state to optimize, whether clear page structure is optimized, the keyword distributings to whether have optimize a trace.

Content of 6) competitor website achieves a gender formerly

Content is achieved formerly, what look in searching engine now is more and more important, website content of the competitor basically is to come from an editor to be achieved completely formerly, still connect piece collect reprint, bogus achieves; formerly we are worth to analyse this, also be us can the breakthrough dot of conquer competitor.

The newer frequency of itself of 7) competition website

Unlike the search engine updates the frequency of index, the newer frequency of website itself, besides the index frequency that can increase search engine, the attention inside the trade that still can reflect a website is spent, give special topic in time, the sudden incident inside has pair of seasonable fields for a short while report, what reflected a website is professional, jump over newlier fast, make naturally search engine likes more.