The website optimizes: Does your website suit a visit?

Very for home a few small and medium sized business are aggrieved, because of a few blame professional network corporation fooled it seems that they. Look in me the website construction of the enterprise is a very prudent thing, should treat in all seriousness, and the website that enterprises of these network company help build often is very unwell at the visit.

Client of a few businesses often finds me to seek advice, hope Robin can help them find its website to did not begin online business to have a help for its. I saw the website of enterprise of a lot of person that seek advice, discovered a lot of problems. It is my a few views below:

1: ? Does dream of Ju of grey  beautiful close which to knock at to hold in the palm?

The home page of website of a lot of enterprises is a FLASH of big enterprise conduct propaganda, is such way good? According to network current situation of home, a such big FLASH downloads the time that ends to need 10 seconds to plant commonly entirely, can need more time even occasionally. Robin once had a few investigation to the visit behavior of user of a few Internet, the webpage that they can bear commonly opens time to be 8 seconds less than, of course if the information of this webpage is very important, they can be willing to spend many somes of time to await a webpage to be opened completely. The time that a FLASH downloads is equal to or be more than 10 seconds, and the latency time that the person that visit for the most part can tolerate is be less than or be equal to 8 seconds, it is very clear that I think you the person that visit is met make why to plant choice.

Explain additionally, the information search engine in FLASH film is very difficult capture, this meeting begins search engine to optimize to the website bring very big inconvenience.

2: ? Diameter of clean seal of  oily  ?

A website has been done, likelihood a few months or a few years won’t information is updated, this is the phenomenon that the enterprise website that Robin place sees exists. The person that every enterprise can expect have very much visit will visit their website, and meet often pay a return visit, but the attention of the person that how a website that won’t update for a long time wins a visit? Network company is doing the time that the website plots to should consider this issue to the enterprise, should help the person that their open up can allow a visit know an industry newest development and a column that can get knowledge. Remember, every person that visit has curiosity extremely, if can capture their curiosity, the vivid jerk of the website is met certainly very tall, of the person that this is visited to facilitating buy leading is to have quite great help.

3: ? ザ of Fu of Bei υ know well?

If you visited the website of a lot of small and medium sized business, is the channel no more than that can you discover the client can be contacted with the enterprise through the website 3 kinds of: ? Black ah ⒌ Qian bless only then  earth Xi use up be ignorant of of take along sth to sb of disease of knife of large bamboo hat of howl of 6  Du to say black holds the bless that steal Qian high only then correct of the member that does Mu of   archives wring large bamboo hat of natrium of  of Ji of Chang of have diarrhoea of sword  brandish to block Xi of card brighting be ignorant of Chun Tuochang  ?

4: ? Shine an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel of  of  planning  ?

Client of a lot of businesses is in the value that realized search engine sale gradually, search engine to optimize especially. But, discover when Robin undertakes diagnostic an analysis to their site a lot of unreasonable programs are what search engine optimizes strategy to carry out however decorated an obstacle, such as is many apply and be fond of blindly of the program of FLASH to trends etc.

Regard intranet as the controller of the station, what is the purpose of your very should clear reasonable construction website. The enterprise releases a website is to want to pass a network to undertake publicize and be aidinged pushing online sale to its brand, but a lot of enterprises value design of website art design and animation result particularly. Whether to evaluate a website to succeed? That is about to see this website have person visit, and have serve!