The website optimizes ≠ SEO

Core clew: The website is optimized is the website that directs with network sale construction thought will coach website, it is the job of a systematization and global sex, and the service that ranks in the light of search engine is paid attention to normally a few external element

Increasing enterprise realises the website optimizes the value that searchs engine to optimize pair of network sale especially, this is a kind of expression that the enterprise takes network sale seriously, the understanding that nevertheless I discover many enterprises to be optimized to searching engine some deviation, the search engine is optimized with the search engine keyword rank regards as one and the same. The website that accordingly I feel or is necessary to say major optimizes the substaintial distinction that ranks SEO service with search engine.

In the true meaning that the website of special subject article of library of network sale thought optimizes, had introduced, the basic idea that the website optimizes is: Through waiting for the reasonable design of crucial essential factor to website function, structure, layout, content, make the function of the website and expressional form achieve best result, can show the network sale function of the website adequately.

The website optimizes the implication that includes 3 levels: Optimize to what the user gets information, to network environment (search engine) optimize, and optimize to what website operation safeguards.

In the search engine optimizes the introduction in what should taking seriously to pass, the rank that the starting point that search engine optimizes just cannot consider to search engine is regular how, more important is to want to get information and service to offer for the user convenient, searching the top end that engine optimizes is for the user, is not to search engine. So is search engine optimized what should take seriously? Actually very simple, it is the main essential factor of website interior: Function of website of; of content of website of website structure; and website serve, it is most important to be optimized with website structure and website content especially. And think, searching the highest state that engine optimizes is to forget search engine to optimize. Visible, true search engine is optimized those who take seriously is a website those who build main essential factor is professional design, let its suit an user to get information, the jumping-off place that also suits to search website of engine retrieval information to optimize at the same time and ultimate goal are right user and search engine are same, it is to get the information of the website to offer to the user convenient, so from go up at all say, the website optimizes since to the user optimize, also be pair of search engine optimize.

This explains, the website optimizes the substaintial distinction that ranks SEO service with search engine to depend on:

The website is optimized is the website that directs with network sale construction thought will coach the website is basic of element specialization design, it is the job of a systematization and global sex, the comes true to pass network sale information to the user purpose; that makes a website better thereby searchs engine to rank is only with local viewpoint, before searching what rank in engine retrieval result to lean now to finite keyword fact, jumping-off place is searching the retrieval of engine at suiting and not be to pass valuable information to the user. On adoption method, the service that in the light of the search engine ranks is paid attention to normally a few external element, like user of load one’s writing with fancy phrases sightless keyword, add the shift such as exterior link, is not in-house to the website element undertakes reasonable design.

Through many practice experience confirms, through main to the website essential factor those who optimize design ability to achieve search engine optimize integrated effect truly is the biggest change, it is the rank with obtain individual keyword to retrieve a result good not just, can achieve good rank result to a large number of relevant keywords that appear in the webpage however, because the behavior of user retrieval is very dispersive, and major user uses many keywords combination to undertake retrieval, the website that relies on minority to a few keywords are ranked and can be not obtained good only spreads the effect.

Through the website main essential factor optimizes a design, ability alls alone for the search of the website engine is optimized lay a foundation, in the process of website operation promotion of later period, no matter hope the key is right,which keyword undertakes the key is popularized, can come true easily, do not need have the aid of at any cogged non-standard perhaps method. (