The website needs the SEO with basic SEO to establish station point

Because search engine is algorithmic change is sharper, study fact of its change trend is belonged to not easy, then SEO builds a station to the technology also can all alone as search engine algorithm changes and change, additionally some SEO build station technology to involve company secret, so here mentions basic SEO to establish station point only.

Build a station for SEO below basic standard:

The first, the URL need static state of main page changes the website.

Does dynamic URL take at least? . Although the search brings those who prop up pair of dynamic URL to collect already very pretty good, but not as good as static URL after all, the search frequency of dynamic URL is delivered with what PR is worth have very big difference with static URL, so SEO of new easy search builds the webpage that station system generates to all be static URL.

The 2nd, the relevant article function of the website is powerful.

Relevant article function is to show the system is in automatically the bottom of a webpage lists and the many pages related this page theme are linked, original idea is convenient the person that browse consults relevant article, but SEO of new easy search optimizes a center to discover this has special sense to SEO. The subject that relevant article function raised a webpage through two kinds of mechanisms is concentrative, can promote this page the rank of the keyword of this theme thereby. The first, because the keyword of this page often was included in the article caption of relevant article, increased the keyword density of this page, and search engine is opposite the keyword in character of link of a webpage is calculated alone and take seriously more. The 2nd, search engine can judge a page whether is the theme of the page that all pointing out mixed this page is relevant, if dependency is tall, with respect to meeting promotion this page is aimed at the rank of the keyword of this theme.

The 3rd, generate website map to whether go to the lavatory.

Even if of very important to SEO; takes no account of website map SEO, the user that website map also can increase a website greatly is friendly quality, had the website map that SEO optimizes, the browse and searchs a spider capture of more convenient user.

The 4th, complete station uses DIV+CSS development. Does DIV+CSS build a station to be opposite SEO what advantage?

1.In page of the HTML after using this kind of structure have character or picture news basically only, and the style is put inside CSS, such search reptile won’t be in charge of CSS, it is OK to want the content in capture HTML only, improve the efficiency of reptile greatly so. As a result of the crawl with can efficient reptile, because of this reptile will more frequent capture.

2. uses this kind of structure often keyword more concentration, density and dependency are taller.

3.DIV+CSS photograph is more compact to Table, and the problem of the form nest that saying basically all the time on nonexistent net.

4.On the other hand, the website is done will not just be not collected for pursuit, rank, fast response speed is the base that increases user experience to spend, this alls alone to whole search engine optimizes the experience that reachs an user is very advantageous.

SEO builds the standard of the station to still have a lot of, it interior of keyword, website is included how to be done in the Title of the page, Keywords, Description for instance is good that interior of keyword, website is included how to be done in the Title of the page, Keywords, Description for instance inside catenary, but above is good target 4 however, if be you to do the company of the website to do bad above 4 medium any, specification at the beginning the foundation that the website optimizes was not developed the biggest change, the proposal chooses power of a development and website to optimize the company with stronger interest.