The website makes after optimizing, perhaps do not need to undertake the static state is handled

Core clew: Do not answer to go after a static state one-sidedly to change, because of dynamic effect, static site cannot be compared, static page is dead, if constant time is not updated, morning and evening enters sandbox.

Seo novice perhaps can be misunderstood, perhaps be the static state changes good understanding, very much now novice, undertake optimizing diagnostic to a website, without giving thought to,the first measure is thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, proposal client undertakes page static state is changed. Page by move change static hind, the purpose hopes to search engine to like namely, the chance that can be searched is some more. Because dynamic page cannot do SEO,this also is not, however page of opposite static state, the SEO of dynamic page can increase some of difficulty at present most search engine can collect dynamic page, the station check the number that uses dynamic page also is more than the station check the number of static page far. But if consider specific factor integratedly to rise, page static state is changed is to the loss outweights the gain instead occasionally. Make the progress of earnest as the search, bringing what earnest values more and more is to have content, the website of readability, static website is major the person is not updated, perhaps be in very tired newer move, and dynamic website can update site content in real time every day, add article or product, such, catered to a search basically also to cite the demand of earnest, of dynamic of course website optimizing also have a lot of skill, open hair and later period website in the website optimize related to Seo the respect such as the function of specific aim, should issue particular strength.

To search engine, static page and dynamic page do not have special likes and dislikes, just occasionally the parameter mechanism of dynamic page goes against search engine to collect, and static page is collected more easily just. In addition, static page reduces systematic load on certain level, also raised a page to visit speed and systematic performance and stability. This kind of circumstance, it is in requirement of earnest of index of the following search, the advantage of static website is balanced by dynamic website gradually.

To large and medium-sized website, the cost that the static state influences brought issue and later period also nots allow to ignore:

As a result of generated file amount more, memory needs large website space.

The program is read often in writing a site larger area content, hardware loss wants backup of newer, site to want to reach the designated position;

The complexity that the page safeguards and big workload, reach brought page to defend seasonable sex issue the newer standard that this needs a website and professional site maintain staff;

Site static state is changed, large to website, this is the issue that must consider.

As above analysis, optimize to SEO, dynamic page also can do good SEO to optimize euqally. And through a few software development and server technology also can be accomplished do not need true static state to change, the static state that use bogus perhaps uses Rss aggregate function to replace, allow your site, it is a normal site namely, also be a big rich customer. And the aggregate source that website of a few static states cannot become aggregate subscription.

A lot of large websites although of network address suffixal for. Htm, but still be dynamic page actually, just used the means such as bogus Html link, URL Rewrite to cheat search engine, of truly complete static state did not discover a few. For example present free novel net, also be bogus static state almost dynamic perhaps, otherwise so much data cannot be handled at all, and the natural resources that take up is too great. Net of a novel needs the space of 300G above, this also calculates little. If be entirely static. That load is too awful also, although can be accomplished, but the processing speed of tiring-room is already special and actually slow.

The problem is safeguarded newlier to go up in the page, even if bogus static state, also brought many safeguarded complexity and workload euqally.

Website SEO is not certain need static state to change. The static state is changed to website SEO, ought to be an auxiliary method only, the site that tells search engine me is very good collect, guide search engine to browse the content inside the site more as far as possible next. And want to be able to go to the lavatory to browse and be collected only, it is static page or dynamic page no matter, the search brings those who prop up metropolis treat equally without discrimination to collect, because this gives a website to do Seo, do not want misunderstanding, want comprehensive analysis, do not catch a bit and not as good as the others. Meet otherwise attend to trifles and neglect the essentials, the loss outweights the gain.

To small website, site static state is changed is a when solve a website to collect an amount simple way probably, and to big website, criterion need not such.

Anyhow, do a website optimize with the rank, do not want too much reduplicative please duplicate content, and should many some of work that starts formerly or article, search the meeting that bring earnest to flood your website the marine sea in rubbish webpage otherwise, have only achieve trait formerly, most the keep an eye on that the webpage of the exclusive information data that rolls out first just can get searching engine truly.

Of the website optimize with the rank, static state and trends are handled, it is a kind of method only, some moment, not be a site wants a static state to change, dou Jing condition handles full page, also not be to say, a site is dynamic website, not be page of nonexistent static state, and should be inside a station, use two kinds of methods integratedly. Do not answer to go after a static state one-sidedly to change, because of dynamic effect, static site cannot be compared, static page is dead, if constant time is not updated, morning and evening enters sandbox. Accordingly, proposal everybody as far as possible will make with dynamic website, premise should have optimized website code and webpage.