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Somebody of the forum that choose stone asks the question that renews about the website.

I am in interview Matt Cutts when also had mentioned this problem. What I ask at that time is:

It is quotative content below:

A few SEO believe fresh degree (Freshness) very main effect has in Google rank. A lot of people think rich guest receives good rank easily, partial profit from is fresh degree. But some SEO think to often revise a webpage is not a good idea.

What is your proposal? Be often updated or not?

The answer of Matt Cutts is:

It is quotative content below:
This depends on the industry that you are in. I can do all good to the user things. To update a webpage newer webpage is likely efficiency won’t be tall. But if you have a rich settle or live in a strange place, often attract more user possibly newlier. Be opposite so for some people, often may suit newlier more not quite (produce a production company for instance) , it is better to often be updated to another some of person (the word that for instance you are a rich guest) .

This shows, whether does the website need to update, and the influence to the rank, inspect particular case and decide, without invariable regulation.

Whether does the website need to often be updated, I feel to have below regard of a few respects.

Whether do you have new information to offer a client really

Do not want to be updated to update, you are to have new information really, new material, should new key offer a client? Still be to tell to search engine, my webpage was updated. Some stationmaster are in on the webpage here change a few words, a few words change there, do not have any influences to the user, the hope searchs engine to feel the webpage has been updated, catch more diligent, such updating the sense is not actually great.

Website type

Say like Matt Cutts place, if your website is a rich guest, so often appear newlier very necessary, because rich guest itself should be the thing of dynamic day memory. Do not update a few years, not be rich guest. News kind the website is such also. Search engine to be able to judge a website roughly type, otherwise rich guest is searched, news search did not have a law to do.

If be enterprise website, the product also is really did not change a few years, or change is very few, so be not updated or update very few, also have not cannot.

The industry reachs competitor situation

Whether is your competitor website often updated? Rank those competitors in front especially. If discharge the website in front to include forum of guest having gain for the most part,wait for a large number of content that often update, this is the website normal that you are in an industry. You want to compete with them on the rank, also had better comply with this mode.

Search index props up pair of disparate industries, the website of different type, had established much action pattern. Your website accords with this kind of mode, it is advantageous normally. Do not accord with this kind of mode, cause attention likely, give special processing, examine artificially even.

Keyword competition degree

Not high to competitive degree a few terms, the website that updates rarely or 9 very old rich guest cards, can reach better rank. But if keyword competition degree is very fierce, rely on dormant website, often cannot achieve best result.

The industry with very high rate of this kind of competition, everybody is adding content, increase a link, all sorts of pattern attract exert user and search engine. Your website wants to be listed personally among them, also must not be inferior to this.

So in the final analysis, still treat specific condition. My some website was not updated a few years, rank also it doesn’t matter changes. But resemble me guest of this SEO rich, be as long as when me when how were 10 months updated, to rank or having what affect certainly.

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