The website is optimized should make from the beginning

The little experience that a month will come to sum up.

Go to this company that is in now oneself, my ceaseless study website is optimized, the knowledge such as promotion, also defined struggling goal consequently, the effort that wants him course namely becomes this on one hand professional personage.

However, this my present company is not network company, it is advisory company of a business management, did not have the culture details that promotes oneself so, can oneself are feeling stone to cross a river. The manager is very high to the rank requirement of company website, they made rank of Baidu contest price, the charge of a month is in 2 accounts probably 2000 the left and right sides, before I come, before the key word that pays fee leans quite, but after the rank of Baidu snapshot leans quite, and course of study of Baidu snapshot one’s own profession has a competitor be the first however, this makes a manager very uncomfortable, the 3rd week when come in me, manager and I talked about this problem, the effort that I am determined to want to pass my lets company website rank promotion in Baidu snapshot.

My anatomize crosses a website, the structure is old, table layout, page setting is very unreasonable, the website that those who rejoice is a competitor also has very big problem in this respect, in view of Baidu sensitive, I dare not have to the website too big fluctuant, on layout, redundant Table does not want, especially key word, those who begin a setting is very unreasonable, I examined the key word alternative of the competitor before the rank leans, discard the dross and select the essential, and join myself mix to the understanding of the product of product searcher guess, if need this product how to can choose key word search,they consider on the footing that stands in the user namely, after making great efforts above this, I expect to be able to have good result, the first thing is in every sky class namely popular key word is searched in Baidu, but, baidu seems to inspecting my endurance intentionally, all the time improvement of it doesn’t matter, be other place still is no good? Because of the characteristic of the industry, the website is updated very slow, go up with respect to this bit say everybody is not dominant, I eliminate this. Also had wanted to use Seo group hair, but be afraid of be dropped by Baidu K, can await Keyword, Description to wait only so effective.

25 in the morning, same as usual, I have the first job after going to work, a few key word were searched in Baidu, those who make me amazed is a part had jumped house Baidu snapshot the first, that glad interest, did not carry, think now, the method that the website optimizes is very much, the purchase that how many person hopes to pass his a good rank, I say, the website is updated is kingcraft absolutely, nevertheless, no matter do what thing to want to be done from the beginning, so, you should be optimized, promotion website, be made from Head!

Wish everybody is successful finally!