The website is main condition page fine solution and the relation that prop up with search index

One, condition page

So called 404 pages are a server 404 serious directional condition return a page. Number 404 those who point to is 404 state code. General and commonly used those who arrive have 200 state code and 404 condition yard. 200 state the webpage is downloaded to succeed, and 404 express that he cannot download successfully and produce a mistake. Will introduce to basically return state code now.

2xx is successful

200 normal; request to already was finished.

Back-to-back POST of 201 normal; commands.

202 normal; already received benefit from at processing, but processing is still half-baked.

The information that information of share of 203 normal; returns is one part only.

204 normal; are not had answer already received a request, but nonexistent should answer sent message.

3xx is heavy directional

The data of 301 mobile already requests has new position and changing is permanent.

The 302 data that already found a request have different URI temporarily.

The 303 response that consult other can find pair of requests below another URI please, and should use GET method to retrieve this to answer.

304 did not revise did not press anticipate modification documentation.

305 use representatives must visit the resource of the request through the representative that supplies in positional field.

306 did not use use; to so that be used in the future,withhold this code no longer.

What appear in 4xx client computer is wrong

400 mistakes have syntactic problem in request request, or cannot satisfy a request.

401 not accredit not accredit client computer visits data.

402 need pay state plan fee system is effective already.

403 although accredit also does not need a visit,prohibit.

404 cannot find a server given resource; documentation is nonexistent.

407 representatives attestation requests client computer to must use acting attestation oneself above all.

415 medium type does not suffer supportive server to reject to serve a request, because do not support the form with hypostatic request.

What appear in 5xx server is wrong

Because 500 in-house mistakes are accident circumstance, the server cannot complete a request.

The 501 tools that did not carry out a server not to support a request.

What gateway server receives 502 mistakes to come from upriver server is invalid answer.

503 unavailable services because temporarily overload or safeguard, the server cannot handle a request.

200 condition are piled up – – [02/Sep/2008:00:01:23 +0800] GET /article/0572/72570.shtml HTTP/1.1 200 28361 – Baiduspider+(+/search/spider.htm)

In server log 200 state use GET delivers means webpage 72570.shtml to download a success. Namely: When user or reptile program issue the request that browse to website server, the server returns HTTP code of some kind of state is included in data shedding, 200 answer bugle call namely one of state code, state this webpage is succeeded to download.

301 condition are piled up – – [02/Sep/2008:00:01:31 +0800] GET /my/view.php? Aid=14183 HTTP/1.1 301 – – Baiduspider+(+/search/spider.htm)

In server log 301 state use GET delivers Aid=14183 of fashion trends webpage to jump successfully turn. Namely: When user or reptile program issue the request that browse to website server, the server returns HTTP data to flow include code of some kind of state, 301 heavy directional namely one of state code, state permanent move goes to this webpage another address. In be being operated actually, we can point to many domain names same a network address, this also is the means that a kind of website that search engine approbates exclusively turns to.