The website is banned by the search or reduce a rank a few settle way

Core clew: Have a reader many times to ask, the website is sealed to be to changed new domain name to be solved. To this problem my proposal is, making clear Hunan website is to be sealed to return first is to be punished, if be sealed really, what is the reason?

Another problem that encounters via regular meeting is, is the website ranked to drop by penalty how should do?

The website that should decide you above all is complete be sealed, just still discharge under one’s name to fall.

Search domain name or URL directly

With Site: The instruction is looked up

With the some on the webpage sentence distinctive word (the sentence that won’t appear of copyright statement and so on for certain in other site for instance) search

If you affirm your website is all,the webpage has alled alone disappear in engine database from search, it is server dead machine likely so, file of possible also Robots.txt has a problem, perhaps be detected to give serious and cogged action.

If your webpage still is in the database, but the rank drops, it is your website has a few doubtful sign likely so and by penalty, also be change of search engine algorithm likely.

The rank that says here drops those who point to is to drop considerably, if just drop the 2nd page from the first page, this is pure it is normal to belong to. If drop the 20th page from the first page, so you should be looked up.

Server whether everything is normal

Have delay opportunity recently? Is server setting normal? When the search engine spider comes capture when, is what the server returns 200 state code? If the server has a problem, should be a temporary phenomenon only.

Robots.txt file is correct

Robots.txt file is used hold back capture of search engine spider certain catalog or certain file, although this function is very useful, but make mistake very easily.

If your Robots.txt file setting has a problem, search engine spider does not have method capture your website. Normal setting and wrong setting are likely the difference is very little, want for many times to check, ensure without by accident.

The website is excessive optimize

Talked in front a lot of optimize skill and method specificly, for instance the keyword chooses, the writing of caption label, keyword position density, website structure is waited a moment. But if you all these technologies are used, that leaves a problem not far.

Excessive optimize now often is the main reason that the rank is punished. Here has a spent problem, accomplishing what kind of is to be optimized appropriately, which kinds of rate is excessive optimize, rely on experience to mastered only. If you can comfort yourself when optimize,this should do not have a thing, be afraid with respect to the specification fast occupied.

Doubtful page changes direction

Many pages can put on a few JavaScript to turn or Meta Refresh changes direction, these are considered as doubtful technique likely. 302 change direction to create a problem possibly also.

Whether to have many across link

Many stationmaster can master a lot of websites at the same time, and be between these websites make forked link each other, this causes a problem very likely.

A person has 45 websites, understandable, but if 449 websites, every website is not big, quality is not high also, mutual still link rises, this is doubtful.

Whether to link to other the website that has cogged suspicion

The examination derives link, link only to relevant website? Link only to high quality website? Be is the website that you link sealed or punished? If have, the day that your website is sealed or is punished is not far.

Have duplicate content webpage

Although duplicate content won’t bring about a website to be sealed, but if your domain name authority is spent not tall, the likelihood brings about a rank to drop.

Other and cogged method

Is microscope used conceal a webpage? Send many rubbish link?

When checking these, cannot cheat oneself, what method was used on the website, him stationmaster is the only clearest, alien comes out very hard soon.

Some readers ask, can help him be diagnosed. If be our formal client,truth says, we can spend the microscope between 9 climate, this does not take aim to be able to see.

But use these doubtful methods, him stationmaster should in the heart very clear.