The website is all the page disappears case study and settle way

When the algorithm that searchs engine every time is changed, the rank of certain key word that brings about a few websites drops apparently, when in the search engine algorithm is changed or be being strengthened, punished some a few pages is not whole website.

If be all pages of the website,disappear, may cause by the following reason:

1. The server is in crucial when appeared breakdown cannot be visited normally;

2. Your website is put in Robots.txt problem;

3. Because use exceeding to optimize gimmick, your website is indexed prop up by search kept clear of from inside its index;

4. You are in optimize unfair action appears to be discovered by search engine on gimmick;

5. The algorithm that searchs engine produced major change;

6. The regulation that allow is before you did a few principles that violate search engine to go out newly to perhaps be changed in algorithm, now have been to violate compasses, have certain punishment to your website so.

A few detailed accounts are below:

After optimizing an industry to be approbated gradually from Chinese website oneself, of countless enterprise or business the unit favors those arise as what click a quantity no longer by the promotion expenses of a huge sum of muddleheaded subtract, even if be those were done,follow to did not make almost same link promotion, also begin gradually cool rose, the website is optimized, the Internet that has walked into China and instantly confirmed.

Do a website to optimize, it is to press a word to collect fees mostly, a word how many how many money, and, give other the safe remote control such as the FTP of the website also indeed not quite be at ease. But if be oneself learned those far than the website construction wants to get much website simply to optimize a technology, everything dissimilate.

Above all, pay fee by the word no longer, oneself want to do what word to make how many statement, want to do how to much do; Additional, website all safety factor still the palm accuses to be in him hand, anybody makes what motion impossibly on your website; But the mainest, still saved many loss is big average cost actually. Because this sees not hard, beautiful Qian Quxue reviews the website is optimized, than beautiful money the price that make contest makes a rank, should rely on chart much!