The website DIV+CSS position that understands you is affected to what optimize

If the HTML code of a website is understood very easily, so he should be very easy also be understood by search engine, if be indexed easily prop up understanding by search, that search engine likes this website for certain, the commendation with so better meeting this website.

Code is compact

Use DIV+CSS layout, page code is compact, this believe what understand XHTML somewhat to know. The immediate profit that code reduces place to bring has at 2 o’clock: It is to improve Spider creeping efficiency, whole page can climb inside the shortest time, ; of such certain to collecting quality to have benefit 2 as a result of,be can efficient crawl, can be liked by Spider, have certain profit to collecting an amount so.

The nest problem of form

How do a lot of websites say in the article of promotion, search engine is general not the form nest of capture three-layer above, this did not get those who search engine government confirm all the time. Result of my a few tests did not come out completely, but in light of the circumstance that the basis masters at present, the page of layout of Spider creeping Table, encounter multilayer when form nest, can jump over the content of nest or abandon whole page directly.

Use Table layout, to achieve certain visual result, must apply mechanically many form. If core content is in the form of nest, this paragraph is jumped over to arrive without capture when Spider is creeping the core of the page, this page became similar page. The overmuch similar page in the website can affect rank and domain name degree of belief.

And DIV+CSS layout basically won’t be put in such problem, from technical angle for, XHTML also does not need overmuch nest when dominating a type.

Although this did not get affirming, but the friends that still suggest to use Table position, when be being designed as far as possible do not use multilayer form nest, SEOer people this explained in the article, believe they also do not do not have a basis.

Rate issue

DIV+CSS layout relatively Table layout reduced page code, to load speed gets very big rise, this is very advantageous when Spider is creeping. Overmuch page code may cause creeping overtime, spider can think this page cannot be visited, the influence is collected reach weight.

On the other hand, true SEOer just is not collected for pursuit, rank, fast response speed is the base that increases user experience to spend, this is optimized to whole search engine reaching sale is very advantageous.

To the influence of the rank

Be based on the DIV+CSS layout of XTHML standard, meet after the design is finished commonly as far as possible perfect can pass W3C test and verify. End to did not search engine to express to rank regular meeting apt to accord with the website of W3C standard or page at present, but the website rank situation that the fact proves to use XTHML framework is general pretty good. This are met probably open to question, but him Sai Shu holds such point of view, the person that disagree can take 3 groups of above the website contrast of basic and coequal quality observes.

I think, such circumstance may not be rank regulation, when the largest possibility or Spider crawl website, occurrence above difference is brought about those who collect mass is different.

After all Liao Sheng at notting have, the proposal builds the friends of station or correcting, below the case that the technology permits, still choose DIV+CSS overall arrangement had better. (