The website begins search engine to optimize a few administrative levels

At present search engine can say the half of country of regnant Internet, any website wants to achieve good network sale result, find in what be gone to the lavatory by the user on Internet, the force can yet be regarded as of engine of search of have the aid of a shortcut.

And want have the aid of to search engine to begin sale, besides paying the contest price of high specified number to rank charge, the natural rank that promotes a search engine searchs engine to optimize namely should regard a website as mandatory course. In fact decision-making layer or individual stationmaster had realized more and more enterprises this, the company that has had a lot of does the work of this respect in the attempt.

Search the optimize method of engine, individual of domestic and international numerous SEO or orgnaization have a lot of his opinion and implied meaning, but from on the whole, cent is 3 levels.

The first level

It is fundamental level, so-called base level. It is website page should as far as possible much be collected by search engine, the page amount that is collected by search engine is more, the quality of the webpage is higher, potential user can pass search engine more easily to retrieve the commercial news of the website, can obtain bigger website to visit quantity and user. More or less is the website depended on by what search engine collects the more or less reachs website page mass of website oneself page. Website oneself page is more, page quality is better, the opportunity that is collected is greater.

The 2nd level

In fact, the search engine that a website is alled alone by search engine collects page amount to more or less can mirror this website optimizes a level, this involves search engine to optimize the 2nd level, go up in foundation of the first level namely, when the user retrieves through relevant keyword, these webpages should have good performance in searching a result, for instance: Before rank position leans, webpage caption and summary information are charming to the user, such ability cause what the user searchs a page to this to click, when the user clicks the website that enters you, all alone engine just can consider as search to complete effective visit truly.

The 3rd level

Optimize to searching engine for, two levels are not above optimized best effect, still need further hard, this is below the engine that says the 3rd level is optimized, the clicks the place after entering a website to see through the keyword information that the user realizes on the foundation of two levels afore namely can bring value to the client, namely information is useful to this user, only the user after clicking translate into value, ability can make appeal to the user, establish an user to search the base of the visit next time. Before such passing accumulate ability to make the rank leans forever that what keyword hits measures. This is a when search engine optimizes better cause.

So, the webpage amount that if a website is indexed prop up by search,collects is very few, perhaps was not collected at all, can affirm be failure to its search engine sale so, be collected in the webpage on the foundation with much amount, if make sure webpage quality is high at the same time, foster a client to retrieve value information to be in the habit of the page through certain keyword, just be the good end that we mean to reach. From the point of above analysis, 3 levels that engine optimizes are to supplement each other, annulus annulus photograph buckles, each pace job should accomplish meticulous in a subtle way to just can good effect comes out, this needs stated constancy of purpose and patience.

Should accomplish relatively the search engine of high quality optimizes a level, main method includes: Reasonable, website classifies administrative levels of website column structure information will be reasonable, dynamic the headline that the webpage makes a static state change every processing, webpage to all have independence, and information content of content of webpage of effective keyword, reasonable arrangement and effective keyword design are contained to wait in webpage caption, additional, every webpage still has the META ticket that designs technically, these jobs index to increasing search propping up friendly sex is very important. These do not have the place with mysterious what actually, the foundation that is the website design that directs with network sale works. Can adopt professional statistical system, will analyse the search keyword habit of statistical client, these keywords progressively affiliation arrives the corresponding page of the website. This is a process that accumulates stage by stage.

Actually, 3 levels that above place says are a website only be aimed at engine optimize a method, it is the strategy over engine of search of leech on to. The ultimate goal of network sale is far more than and such, if just be aimed at search to all alone engine will leave a definition, such that is OK saying, searching the ultimate goal that engine optimizes is to cast off search engine, use search engine to cast off search engine namely. This sounds mysterious.

The truth is very actually simple also, manage a website and like running a company, ultimate goal is the brand that models his, those who let a brand blend in an user is subconscious in, think of to need a certain product to know to want to be searched to this website, network address deep brand is in the cerebra of the user, this ability is the network sale of highest administrative levels. What blend in a client as to the website that how lets his is subconscious, besides engine of search of have the aid of, coordinate more methods and strategy even, the article no longer give uncecessary details.