The website attracts 3 kinds of when Baidu collects the most effective methods

Baidu collects new station normally at present should control in a month, if you are traditional, build a station, add content, refer search engine that is too slow, if can draw the attention of the spider, your station can be collected very quickly. Where is method? Fasten anxious, say to you slowly below.

If you are done very common everybody has made the statement, perhaps saying is not very fresh, that spider just is not paid attention to, because you are new,stand, do not have so tall weight, you let a spider climb you first by what, all need seek a bit rarer term, the word with the low dependency of the search will do. The keyword should appear in your home page, and have relevant explanation explain, the purpose is do relevant content around key word.

The key word that the article that you publish should create around you is written, key word can be used add thick, gules, or underline, key word receives address of your home page repeatedly, address of your home page is added 9 times again in content this is flexible language. Key word has been added, information also was released, the most crucial is to should spark Baidu detects database, make Baidu spider can find your home page down those new content.

Sum up simply

1. increases to achieve an article formerly, optimize around the keyword appropriately, also had better add your keyword in Title, basically want natural occurrence

2. is in the forum with tall weight, rich guest releases flexible language. Because Baidu pays attention to the station with tall weight very much, weight stands high, newer content Baidu can look in time, be being collected to your article so have profit

3. searchs high quality outside catenary had better be congener site

4. Baidu is right of the site want very tall, optimize in code so on should emphasize a consideration. Whether to accord with W3C, caption, page structure also is the place that needs consider etc. (