The webpage that searchs engine to like poor beautiful woman to give you quickly is decreased reduce weight

Core clew: Webpage hypertrophy, affect not only open career, bring about an user the experience is too poor. More serious is, too large webpage volume, be equal to pair of search engine to show the door. Here has a few method that reduces webpage Html volume, hope to be helped somewhat to you

Webpage bulk size is a common SEO index, the metropolis in undertaking SEO diagnoses an analysis considers this. As the addition of network bandwidth, the old young general of webpage bulk is met more and more not important, because of the net fast accelerated, the career that opens a page also accrue, the size of webpage bulk also can increase accordingly and won’t affect user experience from this.

Open speed and the problem that the user experiences in the light of the page, have 8 seconds law, when the page in 8 seconds inside when was not being opened, the user can feel allergy, abandon your page, should not talk if your webpage is very important to the user additionally of course. And search engine is done not have so polite, at present search engine can search the content of 100k less than only, if your webpage bulk exceeds 100k, criterion even if is 100k the following content is very charming, search engine to also won’t glance more to you.

The bulk that so we must consider to reduce our webpage will rise to the user experiences and be opposite search engine spider is friendly. Of course a problem needs to clarify is afore-mentioned 100k less than it is to show Html size is in 100k less than, and the picture in the webpage or the bulk of Flash criterion no longer this 100k less than.

Reduce webpage volume main from two respects proceed with: Webpage Html bulk and webpage whole (the volume that includes all sorts of media and Html) . Do in the light of this two respects respectively below a few elaborate.

Above all: Reduce webpage Html volume a few method.

1. webpage layout uses DIV+CSS as far as possible

As a result of the powerful controls webpage effect function of CSS, ability of code of many and redundant Html needs to make the result that make in can using less code and be sent on a diplomatic mission of CSS style design to use form position. Use Table position of course simpler, easier to the person that new learning webpage designs begin. If must use Table position, be about to consider how to be mixed Css organic union, reduce nest form make in order to reduces webpage Html volume.

2. uses the form of exterior file to use Css and Js

Another cause that webpage too fat to move causes below a lot of circumstances is too much Css and Js were inserted in the webpage, 90% what code of some webpages Js occupies whole webpage actually! Css code and Js are built-in be hard to manage not only in code, and increased webpage volume greatly, the influence searchs engine spider to crawl, also affect download rate. The form that uses exterior document so uses Css and Js also is one of important ways that reduce webpage volume, there are not the Css inside the page and Js code as far as possible in the webpage. Also also want to notice to reduce use Inlinecss at the same time!

Form of 3. cleared Word is other perhaps the format of format documentation carry secretly

To often making the written language in Word documentation into the webpage, this must notice especially for the person that perhaps is added in CMS, the character that comes over from the copy in Word directly can be contained occasionally a lot of needless, the rubbish format code of overstaffed! Affect webpage Html bulk badly, general good editor can hint whether you are clear about Word format, the proposal chooses cleared form, if keep clear of,edition of Word format back row appears confused, be able to bear or endure please strength, join Laoyuan article to discharge next one edition well, detail decides success or failure, do not want grudge this a little bit time.

Page of 4. reasonable cent

Search index is mentioned to prop up a can creeping 100k above the following content, want to notice page of reasonable, proper cent when your article is too long so, cent page can increase webpage amount, also can increase a website to browse a quantity, but cannot distribute a page to distribute a page, assign an article into N for instance paragraphs small!

Avoid form of too much nest and Div, the form that uses Css to control page; to use exterior document as far as possible uses cleared Word of Css and Js; the page of format; reasonable cent of carry secretly of documentation of other perhaps form is to reduce webpage Html volume 4 kinds of main methods.

The article is arranged by Yang Zhenqiu of Nie huge rock, reprint make clear author and collaboration of textual provenance thank please!