The webpage codes and search engine to optimize

You can do a few simple businesses that keep before me the search engine that your website and webpage will come to optimize it. This is thorough. In the code that my general discusses in the article, its action alls alone in search engine is optimized.

We had enclothed detailed <titletag> , <h> label, <alt> label, <images> label, <metakeywords> and <metadescription> . The development that you can understand more to go up in the website about the reads me article of these content and search engine are optimized.

Webpage style

Have two kinds of methods the webpage form that you can use you: The CSS of webpage or HTML/ . Say as to institute of advanced administration director, I think two kinds of means are OK.

HTML is the most website of uses level. Want to have the content of quality only, on your website, a lot of connection that visit harbor, its rank will be in search result.

Exclusive HTML used the exclusive code of HTML to establish a webpage when you, you restrict oneself greatly. The exclusive overall arrangement of a HTML, you must format your website of every webpage (or use a pattern plate all) .

Feel when you need is redesigned or adjust, every webpage that you must pass, one after another. If you have 1000 webpages? If you decide to want to make more modification? This is insipid.

the CSS of HTML/

The CSS cascade style of the view is expressed. The content of apart CSS is designed. Content, this is text, image and video, was to set use HTML, and the design of the CSS that do not have works. main good point is, need revises your CSS to have a file only, so that make the change on all webpages. Such, you can make a lot of adjustment, you want.

CSS also is friendly user, because of the design that they need to download only or a few files see, whole website. Use HTML, have a design only, the tourist must download design element, they entered every time new one page. CSS by faster.

Understand the CSS that more concerns and HTML.

The practice of code test and verify, make your website code accords with the World-Wide-Web alliance that occupation standard place sets, or of W3C, this is an organization, came the HTML of new version, CSS and other network language.

If want check some webpage test and verify, run it to pass WC3 desired result implement:

/ Folder/example.html, it is an opposite link folder / of Example.html.

Make all pictures very.

Will not have any other webpages that link this webpage.

How is understanding carried out define oneself 404 heavy directional.

Comment label

Commenting on mark is invisible HTML mark. It is aeriform, because of browser oversight it. The comment number that developer uses leaves an instruction other development business. For example:

! – do not change pron any thing, till line 346-

The rubbish mail of SEO uses this mark to go in overmuch key word. The job that this is not now, in fact, you may receive penalty, if your key word has a thing.


I think code is most the algorithmic computation that item search engine considers. Code may happen in this house, but it is a the smallest country. To support this one demand, explore a few websites to be in popular search result, a lot of will not test and verify and function are very much chilly, the code of overstaffed.

Did not conclude, accordingly, it is good, make heavy webpage ton mistake. I think those who say is, make your webpage light, convenient user and search engine are friendly, but the test and verify that does not want excessive him concern and code are abided by. This will be wasteful time.

If you want more evidence to support claim for compensation, check main website to optimize industry WC3 test and verify in search engine. . .

Surprizing. . . .

Through clicking a link, you will be taken WC3 test and verify. /