The theory of long end keyword that search engine optimizes reachs actual combat

The person that regard a website as operation, must have a very clear fixed position to his website, who is wanting the target group that knows oneself, it has what kind of be fond of and the habit that browse. Just can make the most accurate sale so only promotion is decision-making, do the biggest thing with least money, get the biggest conduct propaganda and specific aim result, this is the issue that the person that we regard a website as operation is sure to want to consider. Before period of time is very popular long end is academic, we are completely OK now this one theory confluence arrives in website promotion operation.

How shirt-sleeve? Now first from website operation most the search engine respect of fundamental layer begins. As Internet gain ground and develop, search engine had become every netizen to get knowledge, seek a thing surely the road of classics.

When we are using search engine, the meeting in brain has two subliminal, one, want to understand, I want to understand certain knowledge. 2, want to search, I want to seek some kind of thing. In be being put generally this at 2 o’clock in the consciousness that searchs the person that engine is used. Be in so operation website or when doing SEO deploy, must go to deploy of subliminal search content in the website, this also is the deploy of long end keyword that we often say, only such ability let an user find his website through searching engine likely. Can bring a the most significant visit amount, possible changeover becomes a your true user.

What is long end keyword:

Major attribute of long end keyword is: But extensibility, specific aim is strong, range is wide.

Long end keyword has commonly so a few kinds of forms: It is with company product or the term with high definition of website fixed position, this kind of keyword searchs the user that engine introduces in the light of what a few have specific target demand, this kind of crowd is the multitude that having clear and cognitive rate to the website product that you manage, but the one fraction that this part crowd is website discharge. Hold website whole discharge probably 20% the left and right sides; 2 it is a product or the keyword that website business enlarge comes to showpiece, this is the keyword that the visit crowd that faces the website that manages to you or product to having fuzzy concept designs. This discharge estimation occupies integral website to search engine discharge 30% the left and right sides; 3 it is the keyword that is about to become a search to the user is used and find a website likely, this kind of crucial term is understandable grow term of end sex key to compare, the likelihood is the outspread word of the circumjacent product of business, perhaps exhibit the relevant speech that give with website content enlarge, this discharge estimation occupies integral website to search engine discharge 20% the left and right sides.

Example is listed, we are OK with 3 inferior travel this keyword undertakes expanding as basic keyword. Be like: The keyword with stronger specific aim 3 inferior Wu is raised continent 3 inferior Wu is raised continent travel experience; The keyword that extends related 3 inferior guesthouse 3 inferior travel expenses; The outspread word Beijing of circumjacent product arrives 3 inferior airline ticket Beijing arrives 3 inferior dozen lose airline ticket 3 inferior travel agent 3 inferior repast is recommended etc. Above undertook be enumeratived simply with word of 3 kinds of long end.

Grow actual combat of end keyword deploy:

1, choice of long end keyword

Choice of long end keyword is a very main job, the most important is to act on the search intent with client angle and thought to undertake deploy OK.

A few simple methods can share with everybody: (1) conceive the keyword related to website business through the website. (2) will search a keyword through the competitor. (3) through searching engine relevant search grows end keyword certainly.

BAIDU: / Inquire/rsquery.php

GOOGLE: Https://

2, deploy of site interior structure

Effect of deploy of long end key achieves optimal status, namely every page is admitted very can quickly by search engine, when should growing end word to get ranking promotion, every page that has long end word meets those who make flow to introduce the entrance, make every page produces its effect. Basis before for operation experience, deploy of keyword of long end of a specific page 3 in. If can edit in order to expand according to growing end keyword, this is best expressional form. Below more to large website content circumstance, use catalog form to undertake an article show as far as possible.

3, content reflects a form

Reflect in content on, basically reflect the final content page in the website. What assure this page as far as possible is concise, must stress the focal point of this page content, this key is plans around long end word content, content maintains uniqueness as far as possible. Notice the page grows end keyword exposure to lead this probability control to be in even 30% the left and right sides. Title reflects long end statement also is very crucial. Keywords/description is reflected with growing end keyword.

4, long end keyword is safeguarded

Growing end keyword to safeguard, still basically pay close attention to those who search engine to collect a circumstance. Examine an article in time to whether be collected, after collecting, long end keyword is in search index to prop up what position probably. Extend the keyword with strong sex to some, can reflect with form of catalog, special subject, this catalog advocate / special subject is reflected with word of keyword fractionation long end entirely, next catenary enters this specific content page.

Owner of very much now website, had been covered by the promotion form of all kinds of type eye, do not know to should choose the promotion form of what, begin wantonly undertake the keyword is bought, website promotion is waited a moment, end up with a result, spent a lot of money, but did not achieve predicting result. Word of manage length end is popularized, can saying is advantageous promote with website discharge, search engine is collected those who improve a service is double win a measure, neat Ning Xiwang and you discuss research how to be search engine to provide high grade content jointly, get exact flow energy allows the method of promotion. What I believe promotion of long end keyword will become SEO person is new bestow favor on, it is the shortcut that changes search sale promotion and effective outlet. Qi Ning expects to discuss with you,