The TAG that is helpful for user experience and SEO writes a law

The article does not have profound knowledge, a lot of friends are already first-rate to the understanding of TAG. Write so a TAG that is helpful for user experience and SEO writes a law, origin is to discover some friends to understand and use special how terrible to TAG, so KYW summarizes a few laws, offer reference only.

What is TAG?

Tag is system of a kind of classification, also can saying is mark of a kind of keyword. Pass Tag to be able to contact the implied meaning that has dependency.

Why should write TAG?

From user angle for, TAG can help an user find the article of same theme very quickly, increase user viscosity and PV of average per capita.

From SEO angle for:

1.Increase a website to collect an amount.

2.Offer search index to prop up the TAG page with a lively topic, in order to obtain a rank, bring discharge thereby.

Here we the TAG citing with potato net, your meeting discovery searchs certain and popular keyword, especially when name of movie and TV, can see the rank of potato, for example girl of keyword pattern boy

GOOGLE is ranked the 3rd.

Baidu rank the 2nd

The use experience of TAG shares:

1.Above all TAG is a noun generally speaking, adjective, verb it is not quite good to do TAG.

2.Of TAG should have arrive accurately small classification. For example fashionable car designs these words to belong to big classification, can become website channel completely, do TAG very improper. TAG needs farther fractionize, can provide exact relevant content to the user on one hand, what after the user clicks TAG, appear is the content that the user wants. The TAG above changes price of car of similar and fashionable clothing to design a contest, such a lot of better. Of course fractionize also has a measure problem, like you fractionize arrives screw of masses car tire, that very can long period of time, this TAG page can show a literary works only.

3.TAG character is best can match accurately in text (complete occurrence) a few. Regard TAG as fashionable mobile phone for example, but the mobile phone is mentioned to mention style in text, but without mobile phone of successive occurrence vogue, that also is not best.

4.The TAG amount of an article does not have a standard, do not need to say to stipulate every article writes 3~5 certainly dead, can develop completely freely by the editor. For example the article has a TAG only, I won’t the upgrade of apply mechanically is added.

The TAG experience that KYW is above is shared, everybody has him the understanding to the article, so everybody draws up more or less the TAG that come is met not quite same. Rich guest is very popular now, TAG applies in rich guest very extensive, what the TAG of a few big websites also uses is first-rate, if your company has editor personnel, to the editor many somes of time goes these websites ramble, what let edit the TAG of comparative portal website and oneself to write a law next is different, can have progress.

Author: Kyw

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