The study of SEO sees besides SEO8 hour through the technology

Core clew: Learn SEO, pure will tell from technical role range, not be very bad thing, representing study SEO nevertheless is true so easy as my eyes, if learned so easily really, then the numerous large network company such as Alibaba, Hui Cong does not need yearly salary the Seoer of invite applications for a job of ten, if true so easy, OK and relaxed month enters that everybody 10 thousand yuan, who returns others to work.

Why does that learn SEO likewise, some people are OK a month has earned tens of thousands of, can some people earn only however 349? Actually knowledge is same knowledge, the Seoer with the very much technology of SEO understands, the issue that discusses an all sorts of Seo to want to notice comes, the head head that each says is to arrive, but the income of among them everybody is having great difference however. Actually the difference between them depends on the spirit of a spirit that bear hardships and innovation.

Say the drive that bear hardships first: Learn what knowledge no matter, actually very bitter, I am in 2006 SEO of begin to learn when, want to immerse oneself in the rich customer that treats each elder everyday, at that time I most those who begin to read is Wang Tong " search engine optimizes secret book " upright with Hu Bao " rank of search engine keyword optimizes knowledge complete manual " , these two books are right of SEO foundation did more detailed explain, the SEO of Shandong SEO group grooms teaching material also is adapt according to what these two books undertake, take the pool that among them elite has, of specific aim undertake explaining, the time that I learn everyday at that time 15 not less than hours, basically can saying is besides have a meal outside the time that sleep, I stay by computer, be used to reads the article of all sorts of SEO, successive so learned 3 many months, just learn the fur in SEO knowledge, do not cross me at that time is pure belong to self-study, rate of progress is so slower, and without what main threads of an affair, come up against what do not understand can oneself capture also nobody can ask, unlike has so much SEO forum and QQ now at that time group, although there also is not little SEO elder at that time, but at that time neither one aggregate, the personage inside course of study is together without polymerization, cannot communicate so, when what think to learn ABC oneself in me is about the same (the find oneself that just also does not know depth at that time, differ far actually) the QQ that knew spider SEO- Sun Chao accidentally group (had disbanded at present) , be in this group in I realised a lot of SEO lover, in those days He Tao (net name: Walnut, the dot is lithographic advocate) also be being mixed is a wet behind the ears novice like me, we follow Sun Chao elder brother to learn together, in Sun Chao the ceaseless instruction of elder brother falls, we passed the time with much half an year to undertake carrying out an exercise again, just calculate small become somewhat, can give person, at that time group wife is very much, follow move grandson to exceed elder brother to learn to come out to do finally nevertheless best is I and He Tao, other a lot of people midway abandoned.

Everybody sees the time that I use early or late, teach oneself 3 many months, followed Sun Chao elder brother to learn half an year much, gross the time of 9 many months, if did not agree to bear hardships, the spirit that agrees to go all out in work, it is not to agree so can long insist to come down, had my present income impossibly also, be in so long since, I all the time very appreciate the Sun Chao elder brother that guides me to learn SEO, I believe you also can appreciate that to guide you to walk into the friend that SEO encircles, want you to agree hard to agree to go all out in work only, your future is met certainly intense light.

Say the drive of innovation besides: In you arduous effort falls, you learned SEO, how should you rely on SEO to make money then? Do Google Adsense? Does the network that becomes country earn alliance? Provide SEO service to the enterprise? Sell the product of own company?

It is to make website alliance likewise, make money through the network, but a month can earn some people on 10 thousand dollars, a month can earn some people only hundreds of dollars, this far apart, where is that difference is in? Poor is his originality actually, same a page, same discharge, the position that advertisement puts, the amount is different, the earnings that then you achieve is different, this develops yourself’s originality with respect to need, go thinking how to can make income the biggest change. It is website some website likewise can a day of tens of thousands of IP, even ten IP, you are less than 1000Ip however, is this difference in again which? Still be originality, why others can search good keyword, discharge competes greatly again small, and you cannot be found however, this searchs ditch yourself with respect to need, find among them key, this kind matters to the means of profitable recipe, the person that I consider to understand can tell you without the person.

If you want to provide SEO service to the enterprise, then I persuade you to be not done, you just learned SEO, tender still move, first oneself make a station on practice two years, do not give the client’s station killed, can be to have very serious effect to oneself fame in that way, I am the SEO service that just begins to offer after learning nearly two years, after providing service of a year for the enterprise, just begin to offer SEO to groom service, we must have maintained the client’s interest, only such our ability are done for a long time.

Sell oneself product, this I am recommended, if you have your hypostatic company, or you have medium of communication of very good replenish onr’s stock, this is the best choice of Seoer.

Or you still have more other tweak, to the top of one’s bent the innovation thinking that develops you, a lot of a lot means are in waiting for you, see you can be caught.

Good, today with respect to gibberish so much, perhaps you had looked tired.