The strategy of the Red Sea that serves by SEO and blue sea strategy

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What is strategy of the Red Sea and blue sea strategy

Strategy of the Red Sea basically is to be in already foregone market space competes, here you are opposite at you adversary is cost lower than him, or it is more OKer than him the strategy that achieves poor dissimilation is both take firstly, game regulation has been decided.

Blue sea strategy not confine already had industrial border, want to break such attrib border condition however, occasionally La Hai is in the open up in scope of activity of brand-new a market, but blue sea of a lot of moment can be in the Red Sea open up.

Because had " blue sea strategy " , had the Red Sea and La Hai to get a name so.

1, the Red Sea and La Hai: Alleged the Red Sea is to show competition is unusually intense, the domain with very difficult gain or commercial pattern. La Hai is to show competition does not have competition lesser even, the domain with gain very good state or commercial pattern.

2, the Red Sea and La Hai can be changed each other. For instance you use this kind of means is undertaking with the person of the same trade bathed in blood fights bravely, profit is little, competitive intense, die even. If change a kind of way, open up a new fractionize market, you enjoy the field that did not compete in that profit alone.

Simple understandable for:

La Hai: Development does not have some markets, do not compete with others.

The Red Sea: Make a fight with more people, accomplish forestall.

Do SEO, of the keyword optimizing is among them an important part. Those who do a keyword optimize, stationmaster is immersed in two kinds of extremes very easily:

1, do popular keyword technically optimize, say for tactics of the Red Sea.

2, do keyword of an unexpected winner technically optimize, say for art of blue naval battle.

Of these two kinds of keywords optimize have quite big a batch advocate, use band of two kinds of tactics together, ability achieves the optimal result that the keyword optimizes, find La Hai in the Red Sea namely namely, want can accurate dope is popular keyword.

Become popular key word, although a popular key word discharges the 2nd page the 3rd page, brought discharge also is considerable. For instance the business, give a name, in Baidu at the back of the 3rd page, still can come everyday 89 IP left and right sides. And although average term is in the first one day to also can bring a few IP to you only.

SEO is obtained from inside practice rise better. Take the route that people had not gone, do the thing that others had not done. Although look,be like is the Red Sea, la Hai is already dried up, nevertheless, should arrive La Hai is sure should enter the Red Sea first.

Alleged La Hai is a few everybody want to be less than of course, also include you and me of course. Everybody knows that becomes the Red Sea.

How to go seeking key word

1, data of statistic of much analysis website, present statistical data can see a search engine antecedents, key word, with discharge. The statement that you can discover to a few your expect are less than is in however you bring good flow. Baidu is for instance small game, this key word brings 100 right-and-left discharge to me everyday, still Yahoo comes over. Do casually, I go to the 2nd of Yahoo with respect to the platoon. If also can be discharged in Baidu,go up, believe to be able to come at least 2-3 100, this kind of key word is dug carefully still is not little.

2, the relevant search of Baidu. You search a word, baidu can list to you. For instance your search webpage is designed, can get relevant search webpage designs webpage of tutorial webpage stylist to design alliance of software webpage stylist webpage of webpage design appreciation designs 3 swordsman webpage to make a website design webpage design to report to > is searched related more>. Can see before 100 in more and relevant search, this basic be a popular seniority.

3, tool of Google Adwords key word, this tool is basic and Alexandrine. Address Https://

4, guess, do everything to cannot leave your rich imagination. The word that can think of you uses Baidu index to look up, , of course Google trend also can be used.

5, a list of names posted up of wind and cloud, search engine has sheet of daily a list of names posted up. A list of names posted up of Baidu wind and cloud, gu Ge heats up a list of names posted up, yahoo vane, search dog index. Deserve attention and research. It is SEO not simply, studying Internet trend and heat also is good thing.

6, forecast, this a lot of people also respecting. Who strikes first prevails, forecast popular key word, you make natural anticipate machine first. Means is very much, the brain that uses you adequately.