The stationmaster that the website is fallen to counterpoise people, whether did your website reinstate a rank?

Suddenly turn one’s head, do Internet already 6 years, begin 2 years to learn webpage design, as someone else, from most initial Ps, dw, flash begins, forgot to say, it is first most from what do planar design to begin. Begin to feel to do a design pretty good. See elegant webpage when me, reveal on the website, I not by generated a strong interest, also rise with respect to thenceforth, began webpage design. Can imagine, begin to feel very fresh, there is an actuation interest in brain. But all things start is bad. Did not make an elegant navigation. I have bit of lose, I did not abandon at this point, give oneself instead one is comforted (do not have successful) without failure. Through continuous study, transform ceaselessly. From integral layout, the animation that cruel dazzles, return the past that view, in the heart immediately small successful feeling. I think at the outset you, also be deep sympathize suffers. Slowly time is long, station of a company is right for me, already peace and tranquility altogethered. (The elapse of time) . I begin to engineer large door. Basically do a portal to give priority to later. 5 years the plan spends the New Year earn 1 million advertisement website of adornment trade family status. For this website I gave a year of much time. to redound. (Do in network company) think. Too little also too little. Think oneself work for oneself when stationmaster so.

In an accidental opportunity. The friend of my Baidu company asks I can do Baidu snapshot to rank, I have mug-up to surprise at that time, take this curious heart. At the outset the friend beside does not understand, I go up in the net with Gu Ge search these skill. such. Search engine to optimize with respect to understanding, begin me the life of Seo. Begin to learn to cannot find clue at all, do not know how to start. Follow Baidu Google to learning to change later change Title, meta is waited a moment. Spent a few months. Have what effect without discovery. I begin to learn keyword density to distributing again, outside catenary, inside catenary, inside and outside holds concurrently long, rich guest sale, I also experienced general view in the sensory heart with numerous little hill small successful. Although a few months come down to change without what, but I still insist to be being updated everyday, learn everyday a bit, want my unremitting only, regular meeting is successful.

Do Seo to let me jubilate allow my concern, everyday outside catenary works. Information is released, discharge statistic, the client feedbacks, the business is very much. Experience deeply also now the hardship of Chinese SEOER, take me recently for of a website. Did April this year. Page completely manual static state changes me. I think those CMS, have a lot of redundant code, my bolt besides needless code, maintain update a page every day. Baidu began to collect slowly, arrived to collect 100 much pages when. Unhappy thing happening. Once a when I link 7 million word of before collecting quantity Baidu to rank 3 did not have. Heart wow cool wow cool. Taking bitterness, I began to analyse

1, I exclude the account of key word of many load one’s writing with fancy phrases, keyword.

A few key word, keyword is added on the website original, this give no cause for more criticism. The first I eliminate without key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases.

2, optimize overmuch, optimize overmuch reason I eliminate.

The ground is very much be analysed to discover by the website of Baidu K, baidu is right of the website optimize very sensitive, to the website optimize can want stop where it should stop. What I optimize is not excessive

3, the station of pornography and political opinion on public affairs or the appearance of terminal that have opposite aggressiveness language to Baidu are fallen easily to counterpoise I eliminate.

4, content alliance is too much I eliminate.

5, many know to advertise or be stuck in Baidu I what hair post will strive for discharge eliminate, begin to collect namely go sending hair card.

6, same website domain name is too much, I the domain name of this website, two. Exclude this account so.

7, friendship is linked by K. This I discover amazedly. Two friendship connective stands later by K, I seek an account at long last. Instantly take out is linked twice that. Begin to reinstate the rank of a few minor term now.

Baidu is just. The rank is painstaking. I remind you to be linked next time want to notice. Analyse first.

The editor comments on:

What content narrates is bland, to seeing be used to the stationmaster friend of similar content, I want to had raised the interest that does not have any materiality. To send outside catenary, the author’s very painstaking narration is over oneself experience, but the announcement that I can be very sorry about only you, your article can regard as only a model essay, chinese stationmaster stands (Chinaz) , do not encourage the catenary outside be and the behavior of flexible language, we reject the article of inferior quality, but we do not mind give quality link of taller contribute article reservation.

WeProhibit deliver amends the article from other, moreProhibit replacing textual join and deliver and the despicable action that release everywhere. Ability inadequacy rises with respect to effort, fasten for a few outside the face that catenary lost head of a station of our China careless root.

The article comments on: Expect author deliver more the relevant manuscript of high quality!

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