The station that prevents Baidu to seal you 6 respects that you need to notice

Pass the continuous study of a few months, had more intimate knowledge to doing website and Baidu at long last, we do the brother of the network to have much rely on Baidu to have a meal, discharge relies on Baidu, make money come from alliance, unless your station is accomplished good perhaps like stationmaster net 123, such station need not Baidu, of course what some stations also do is very outstanding. Divide a bit experience that makes a station to everybody here want, basically tell fall how to be visited stop Baidu seals a station, need accomplishs the following. Should accomplish the following only your station is met and Baidu is more and more friendly.

One, must have defined the information such as keyword caption

Wait for you to had decided, refer to the search such as Baidu again, it is OK also to perhaps be not referred, make a spider automatic climb your station, if wait,collected so go again correcting, change TITLE to wait especially, normally Baidu place cannot be accepted.

2, early days does not need a lot of content, but assure to have everyday newer, and have at least everyday oneself achieve formerly

Baidu takes the thing that starts formerly seriously particularly, a lot of friends say to won’t be achieved formerly (other is achieved formerly even if do you the experience of the station, experience, and a few idea of what drew up coming is) , you want to like only, that affirmation can have idea to reach what achieve formerly.

3, the page does not want too much FLASH or advertisement, float, play a window kind east

It is the member that comes above all so very difficult tarry, if daily discharge is done not have, also use without what so. Make a page neat, free certainly. Want to consider the experience of the user is spent. Such ability have later guest, lead an index that is the quality stand or fall that weighs a website later. Conversely user experience is spent bad, the website does not have discharge that Baidu also does not like you.

4, link of friendship of not random exchange

Friendship joins must stressing quality is not an amount, and had better be the website content with you is relevant go linking, assure to be in 20 in, and a lot of stationmaster often think and the PR5, exchange of 6, oneself PR1 or 0, above all people does not want, even if is the relationship that changed this kind of collaboration not regular also meeting holds to for a long time, so be matched for marriage just is true truth, the friendship in the website with a lot of tall PR is linked special, changed a link to whats do not have to your station with you namely too much benefit, emphasize looking for rubbish site to become a link particularly, if be punished to meet by Baidu,embroil stands to you, because there is a site to fall on the link, is authority did not keep clear of in time, bring about had not gone up now home page, press the experience of my individual originally, not be very popular word 20 right-and-left links are OK.

5, make conduct propaganda of a few promotion everyday, but scarcely should send what rubbish ad

Or use what software to go group of hair or mail group chaos of hair, QQ is annoyed, do not have what advantage to your website so, have disadvantage only instead!

6, be not done too arrogantly

Common saying says the gun is hit well odd bird, unless the weight of your website itself is very tall, very suffer Baidu to take seriously, such everybody cannot tie you, you stay in otherwise firmly very hard foot.

When should accomplish above only, baidu also won’t stand to you how, only friendly your station weight can rise slowly.