The state inside Xi’an SEO course of study and development get together review

Core clew: The discussion that the party centers of Xi’an SEO market foreground, and the problem that Xi’an SEO market exists, how to solve problem of presence of Xi’an SEO market? And 2009, what does everybody’s plan do?

On January 11, by search index props up sale research center (RDC SEM) vice director Sai Shu (Wang Zhiwei) take the lead, the essential point that ran Xi’an SEO practitioner to do thorough communication to meet to the state inside Xi’an course of study and development is how to do by what Laole puts forward big, liven Xi’an SEO market, make Xi’an SEO practitioner collective of the biggest gain share this cake, the party is in friendly and end in coffee hall below passionate atmosphere, the appraise love that makes later is outspread in chaffy dish inn.

Attend those who get together is ordinal be, manager of company of 100 million networks wishs Xi’an grand roc, famous search index props up sale Gu Saijun, xi’an business beats wise man of tall of IT company manager, xi’an manager of some travel company, search Wang Zhiwei of vice director of engine sale research center, network sale small tiger, xi’an hacker holds classmate of SEO little thief concurrently, xi’an SEO poplar, website operation engineers Hao Chao.

I summed up what the party feels a few times very practical as follows:

1, xi’an SEO market, flourishing!

2, bring cogent profit to the client!

2, the enterprise is opposite western the understanding of SEO is insufficient, how to make Xi’an SEO market liven greatly.

3, xi’an SEO company, individual, accomplish not bespatter, price of not baleful contest.

4, the union of SEO and product, the state with highest SEO is the user is changed lead brought profit!

2, xi’an SEO company, individual, learn business of short for Zhejiang Province, build resource to share.

Sai Shu gives authority during, shared a few SEO newest the issue that wants an attention is waited a moment, the necessity of test and verify of W3C of the importance that CSS ranks to the website, website is waited a moment, it is special make everybody special be benefited.