The standard that talks about website URL is right the meaning of SEO

Need not say whole station is optimized too much, everybody understands his to be opposite the importance of product sale, but what is a website executes whole station to optimize the first pace? Take no account of first to me other, it is the URL standardization of network address so, to SEO of simple meaning understanding, standardization of URL of the network address that distribute a page appears like water off a duck’s back, but when deep-seated understanding SEO rectifies a station to optimize a concept, the standardization of URL shows particularly important. It is decision website collect word of amount, long end to rank interior of amount, station to link the one pace that waits for a key. Network address of alone today the URL when say whole station is optimized how standardization.

Batch makes static page, everybody also knows, because the static state is helpful for engine collecting, more be helpful for page rank, because of.htm, .html. . Compare materialization relatively some, after all unlike trends method, when browsing, be from database v content comes, be in people engine is visitting dynamic method is the special symbol composition that a few engine identify hard, for example.asp? = . . Method is collecting such URL to have certain difficulty, more do not carry a rank, also can make its make bogus static state, will achieve a goal.

new to station, want to accomplish those who make engine better to visit static log URL in the first pace, make its are far from collect dynamic URL, so how be accomplished? Make its website divides a page to link in-house code to avoid occurrence trends the website map with URL clear perhaps and clear path (the link that each region point to the URL method link that small-sized website is each pages, large station perhaps says is the link) that points to each region website maps, website map page is submitted when be referred like engine, perhaps make the website map that the website links when the catenary outside be being done at first, the individual still thinks first-rate still is HTML map at present, engine can be identified by each engine place, if refer XML map,be afraid only Google can be understood. Skill generalizes with a word among its: The purpose is to make engine spider is far from the trends inside the website URL link also is the reason with very good rank of website of a lot of whole static states this bit, the dynamic way that because they kept away from,makes in website program, a lot of friends that get an order are to although have the program that creates static log function to avert the interference of dynamic method very hard also,understand somewhat, engine collects a daily record very likely twice, collect for dynamic webpage one is static webpage, although cannot collect its,dynamic URL is linked, to the webpage wanting to allude only for engine this paragraph of method comes, also be the page that cannot identify, reduced engine thereby friendly sex, if two method are collected entirely, that more talk is serious, become webpage of the mirror inside the station, to its website weight is reduced somewhat, this also is a lot of websites in cent the page is ranked not as good as or the website collects an amount suddenly much suddenly little real reason, it is the account that website URL method changes place to cause without complete static state. Two kinds of methods just alluding above is the method that engine is far from dynamic method to annoy. (If be familiar with the friends of Robots file grammar, also can be here the face writes on a few orders, make its avoid dynamic URL method)

The site had better be in did not go up good URL standardization is done to carry out before the line, the URL method of the engine after avoiding to collect is troublesome, page URL is divided for angle of simple to SEO meaning whether standardization is to remove those who be less than what action, optimize for the webpage because of what simple meaning points to merely, its rectify a station to optimize primary purpose to make namely its the effect that each page produces it, carry out from the whole on the structure optimize, but rectifying what the station optimizes to study a process also is the hardship that comparative, with respect to the standardization of network address URL that carries today for example, it is merely at first the first pace.