The spider skips a page the first link is brought about optimize failure to analyse

Core clew: Major person optimizes failure in Seo when, people feels easily is the Seo skill that uses currently existing problem, and when negligence is using Seo skill proper.

A lot of stationmaster optimize a method to optimize its website through wind station now, have rarely however however the person sees the effect. Major person optimizes failure in Seo when, people feels easily is the Seo skill that uses currently existing problem, and when negligence is using Seo skill proper.

This kind of inertial wrong understanding can let a lot of stationmaster discover real problem goes hard where, be in for example in an article because link,we will point out a lot of moment is impertinent and the Seo that bring about lacks benefit, but as a result of all Se skill kind the article can say the link is optimized is the most effective Seo optimizes a method, and according to general inertial thought major person is met oversight this one problem and whether is suspicion arrives other optimize method existence problem. Very apparent, appeared from judgement at the beginning deviation, of the website optimize effect nature to cannot get safeguard.

Bring about Seo to optimize common problem of failure:

The spider often jumps over the first link of the page, do not collect the first link of the page namely.

The way of two kinds of works of the spider:

The first kind is the URL that the spider passes capture of network address list;

The 2nd kind is the spider discovers new network address on internet.

Undertake be analysinged deep to the website and extract all URL, add this to network address list to network address finally.

Among them means is the spider uses the main way that offers search engine to retrieve, this kind of means can let many spider be opposite in same time many stations / carbon undertakes capture, the number of its capture is spent very fast, can be gone out to search; of engine retrieval page now immediately by the page of capture

Square law is the capture process of a deepness, most site never is crossed by deepness capture, stationmaster people also do not expect deepness capture. The condition that obtains deepness capture is very slashing actually, the site must want to have enough much content, the capture process that grows the hour that amount to number in order to make sure the spider can undertake to a site (the time that normally a fast capture wants to be less than 2 seconds only, the content that the site place that because this wants,reachs capture of several hours has is not general much) . At the same time those appear like 400, the site of such 404 mistakes is early be informed before deepness capture and be eliminated besides the cavalcade of deepness capture. But those who need an attention is, have the capture process of an enough development only, medium all link just meets the site be decided to come down by search engine, the meaning gift of the link is the greatest change.

Consequently one part Seo optimizes the capture effect with better to obtain step, and use Css quickens code, the capture that the intent lets a spider becomes slow come down. Such practice seems to add one part obstacle in HTML language, make a spider very difficult collect a site quickly, but this kind of method can bring an issue, it is a few not quite brillant gimmick not only the capture that did not let a spider becomes slow come down, let a spider cannot collect a site normally instead. Normally the circumstance is the spider can continue to let collect, and filter code of one part HTML, bring about webpage analyzer to miss a few characters and link. This is about to seek center people when designing HTML code, need the linear of preferential safeguard character, as a result of,prevent of the spider filter functional filter drops one part written language.

Accordingly, do a website to optimize, must return the technology that must bring earnest from the search and the change that make earnest to undertake optimizing, and should not read a few articles blindly, and go of in full detail go doing, have some of optimized implied meaning, it is the train of thought that put forward and proposal only, it is theoretic the experience that discuss or gains from inside the practice of a certain website is not get real core value from inside experience of countless sites success.