The source that Baidu handles to rubbish station and influence are analysed

The friend with depressed and discontented cherish of those the station that be sealed did not look, the hope can have this post to have deepness and technical discussion relatively, and do not welcome fling abuses.

A few problems

1, the past after rank of Baidu contest price is begun inside 7 years, although contest price is ranked or have numerous censure, but do not have however so passive today, why before did not resemble today such trouble?

2, deduct Baidu and Alibaba, gu Ge, this second incident behind the curtain such as Cctv pushs the issue of interest become acute of the hand, the problem that still has what side brought about Baidu to make target of public criticism today.

3, if Gu Ge also does contest price to rank, can you resemble today’s Baidu so miserable?

Baidu does contest price to rank is not, today ability the accused, germ should depend on will rising October from 7 years, stand to rubbish, of cogged website with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning ban castigatory policy, old Seoer knows, how the Baidu before 7 years October is good flicker, next after this, baidu begins to lengthen new station to collect, right cogged, group hairnet stands K of 0 patient ground stands, fall authority, bring about the fuse of this second incident, net of medicine of the whole people because group fit fraud by K, sue Baidu. So, the processing that whether those who relax to stand to rubbish meet after Baidu and maintain?

If Gu Ge also does contest price to rank, should not resemble Baidu this is so deplorable, because Gu Ge stands to close completely according to sheet to rubbish, do not give a rank namely at most, so, why doesn’t Baidu control network of medicine of kinescope the whole people does such rubbish station ban it to bring about directly however fall is population solid? Collect is giving a rank everybody does not have a word to say? Still say, is the technical blemish on the Baidu distributed memory in extensive data actual existence? The reference that must delete rubbish to stand in order to ensure the stability of whole system performance? The webpage of a few indexes the quantity is Baidu can susceptive limit?

Watched a few news today, be felt somewhat, discuss with everybody here, informal hair, consecution is not suitable, authority is become cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions,