The simplest SEO method is quite fresh and interesting quite distinctive and marked

SEO, search engine to optimize. The website that lets you namely or Blog more the favour that accepts search engine, when others searchs relevant content, before letting your station nod those who appear in the result as far as possible a few. Can bring many discharge so, and need not complain all the day: Why my Blog looks without the person.

Current, the flow that my Blog has 20% comes from Baidu, Google and all sorts of search engine, it is most steady discharge source. And I did not do any SEO almost, the thing is automatical so happened. If look from the angle of SEO, I was to use probably the stupiddest also be a the simplest way, but effective really.

If all alone search engine regards a belle as, the way with bit simpler what makes her much see you twice so? The first, you are quite fresh and interesting. The 2nd, you are quite distinctive and marked. The 3rd, you have intention very much really.

Quite fresh and interesting those who say is speed, you are in released an information for a short while, along with later generations person from you here turns, so you are source of a news. Search girl special to news source esteem, because held you, be equal to the website that held countless to reprint your content. Such word, she often must visit your station. You are the fastest, she also from you here got the fastest information, so her client just also can get newest search result. So, turn Martian post won’ts do. The site confuse sth with sth else that is you as a result is in site of a big spark, the face that search girl does not differentiate to give you at all comes.

What say markedly distinctly quite is content, if be only,duplicate and stickup, so search girl sees same page content be met very quickly everyday mad drop. And if your content is mixed of someone else different, so search girl nature is about to look twice more. No matter search girl is surnamed 100 still surname G, allege oneself ability is preeminent, can provide most result. Since she wants most, so you must become her must the example of collect. What if your site and others are on content,have height is duplicate, so she also cannot see you naturally. Content is not afraid of short, but must differ with others. Your collect the data of Yi Fei of 10000 words Liu, not as light as Song Zude one: She is a man actually.

What really connotation says is an amount, search engine gives off machine reptile, climb to climb on your page, search newest information. But, you wrote 20 articles, reptile climbs a few seconds, then you also were forgotten. So, must have the base of a large number of articles. Let reptile climb sweat to drip, 8 feet are hit shake, that achieves the result. And should update continuously, everyday reptile can find fresh content, so this reptile raises the home, the illicit that turns you into the site is bestowed favor on. There always is new thing here, so reptile also comes with respect to must. Come morer, search girl understands you more. When others raises a question to her, she just can recommend you to search user, tell them to say: There is the thing that you should seek here.

From above analyse can know my SEO method on Blog 3:0. Someone says " groovy edge past " individual media, it is network news source. This does not calculate completely correct, I at the outset idea is turn it into an encyclopedia. My individual interest is very wide, have dabble to a lot of domains and subject matter. So, do not talk without place in Blog. Talk one day two days to do not have what effect, talk come down every time, have thousands of, that is a small-sized encyclopedia.

If see tiring-room search the keyword statistic of engine, my Blog has the visit that carry engine in great quantities and comes everyday, but they between each other high disperse. The discharge that perhaps comes from Baidu has on 1000 people, but every keyword comes down on average to have 2-3 person only. Of course, also have quite hot keyword, reach the visit capacity of about a hundred. But, the discharge that basically comes from search engine still satisfies long end theorem, the contribution of long end section is main. Each topic draws a few people, but add up disastrous.

Summary rises, what SEO did I do? Whats were done. I just keep discovering, keep composing, keep commenting on, keep sharing. This is the business that everybody can do, just do not have how many person can every day so do. This is a clumsy way only, but the effect of time accumulative total is very breathtaking. Without the keyword with earthshaking what, also do not have the Niu Wen of what shock network, the Blog that can let you makes the renown gain of widely known between one night. Although temporarily OK and such, stream answers retire between in a twinkle, net witenagemot is forgotten. The meal eats readily readily, the time spends one days a day, blog is more one is written.

I am not what network celebrity, it is the uncle that opening of market of that your home buys fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour only, no matter snow of rain of hardships of a journey or of one’s life, you rise early to be able to see I stand over everyday. Every time you will buy fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour, I have new joke, new issue, new criticism, new comprehend a bit. Good let you think on the road of by bus, laugh, forget next, but feel very interesting today.

That’s what it all adds up to.