The simple method that complex website redesigns

Search research of forum card, keyword, can guide the website of ourselves, but still be opposite when we redesign a website use Lv of correct consultative heart impeach. Find a few radical proposals, be not tickler. But the website is redesigned complexly gain ground more and more, need a few complex information guidance, and not only simple change its course. The article aims to be you to provide a few basic knowledge and additional skill when redesigning a website.

If redesign those who involve platform to adjust, such as turns to PHP from HTML, maintain the integrality of existing URL, and change its file to expand only reach explanatory word to wait. The range that has change its course is relatively lesser, you need to use general instruction only Filename.oldextension instead Filename.newextension. . 301 caption code tells to search engine, new URL already replaced old URL, because this new URL also is met,searching engine to index old URL is replaced in catalog.

When undertaking examining to global website content and structure when you, the situation becomes more complex. Conventional change one’s route suggests, use namely 301 arrive from old ULR change its course new URL, this kind of way sounds right. I also am recommended to the client for many times, and satisfied to result of this kind of change its course. But its cannot make accurate reply to a lot of pertinent questions.

Imagine, your website before has a webpage that comments on to Product X. In new website, you decide to want to develop the webpage content of main Product X, comment on in identical webpage conformity. Because Product X comments on a webpage to did not lead copy in new website framework, because this comments on old Product X,webpage change its course arrives webpage of new main Product X is reasonable.

Compare with past photograph, the rate that searchs engine to process this kind of instruction is rapidder, should ensure setting of your change its course is not had correctly by accident, can be pleasant to the eye show to new URL in SERP inside a few days of time after new website is rolled out so.

About 301 change its course need remembers is, search amortize arrives from old URL new URL is fixed, relevant rank is not fixed probably. After completing 301 change its course, new URL may have a rank like old URL. But the elapse as time, the content of new URL and entered link must reflect likeness or the content that are hair be apt to, in order to manage rank case.

Transfer another group of URL from a group of URL, the user is eager to seeking a method to make new content indexes quickly. In redesigning a process, the important framework of the website can produce change, URL structure also can change. Accordingly, with old undertake feedback to XML website map with new URL list, insist to arrive at least two months, this can yet be regarded as a kind of good plan. Theoretic tell, you can withhold old URL permanently in website map feedback, but once you see new URL is successive a few months show in all mainstream search engine, you had better feedback old URL from XML in take out, in order to save bandwidth and server resource, make search engine to undertake effectively searching to your webpage.

Those who need a specification is, the biserial in your XML feedback expresses URL, it is the strong complement of pair of 301 strategies, and rather than is to replace. It offers the change its course of pair of old URL and the navigation to new URL by the robot.

Another proposal is, if you want,from one stature domain name change its course arrives another stature domain name, this kind of method may be invalid. Specific website map feedback must include the URL on specific lead plane, a word, if you arrive from change its course, the website map file that is located in cannot include the URL that come from. In this case, best way is feedback from what start new independence quickly.

Want to ensure feedback of your XML website map is effective, a method should put his in Robots.txt file namely. This is a kind of simple operation, need a code only: Sitemap: / Sitemap.xml. is yourself’s domain name, and the proper name of the website map file that Sitemap.xml is you. Want to remember, this group of code are placed inside Robots.txt file, not correct or the position that is a mistake.

The last, but very main proposal is medium part problem redesigns in the website about Robots.txt: In transfer level, should ensure include to be mixed oldly new conclusion. Imagine, you think the search result webpage that lets him website is indexed. If old search result webpage is eliminated to be in the following in this group of code: Disallow: / Search/ , and your new search result webpage still is in / in Cgi/results/ code, want to be started afresh, such, you can have two groups of afore-mentioned code in Robots.txt file.

In transfer to another group of URL by a group of URL level, you must want to make sure new old URL is eliminated outer, appear in index no longer till old URL till.

The new website that start is a difficult practice, often accompanying plodding detail issue. But every spend a hour to be used at intending the work, improve or can be is to amended a mistake to save one day it is a week even. Of course, at the beginning you build a website is for the user, is not engine of all alone that it is search. But in redesigning a process, you need to ponder over this one problem really.