The Shi Ke on him shares strategy of large website SEO with taking jade

Core clew: In searching engine to optimize, SEO strategy influence arrives to optimize the effect finally. No matter SEO strategy is right in small website or large website are important, and to large website, the SEO strategy with make good is attached most importance to especially should.

One, above all we will see the first share: Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is a homework that all SEO must master, although large website has huge data, but every page needs to undertake the keyword is analysed, besides SEO, plan, editor also needs to have certain keyword to analyse ability.

We will view the basic principle that the keyword analyses:

1, the search habit that surveys an user: This is an important facet, understand the search of the user to be used to only, the our talent search my user demand, what does the user like to search? With what to search engine? Etc

2, keyword cannot too wide extensive: Too wide extensive can bring about the keyword competition is intense, expend a large number of time not to get wanted result certainly however, and the likelihood reduced the dependency of the keyword.

3, keyword cannot super-cooling: Want, without the keyword that the user searchs, be still worth to optimize?

4, the dependency that the keyword wants to maintain altitude with page content: Be helpful for optimizing already so be helpful for an user again.

We see the move that the keyword chooses again:

1, affirmatory core keyword: Which word is what should we consider or two words can the exactest content that describes a webpage? Number of search of which term user is maximum?

2, on core keyword definition patulous: For example the alias of core keyword, combination that is next to core keyword, of core keyword auxiliary wait.

3, imitate user thinking designs a keyword: oneself the hypothesis is an user, so what keyword I can search?

4, the keyword that studies competitor: Analyse the webpage that ranks the competitor that has an advantage, what keyword did they use?

2, we see the 2nd share again: The page is converse optimize

Why should do converse optimize? Because be in large website, of the page in optimizing value to be different from commonly small website. Considering all sorts of integrated elements (for example experience of content of brand, page, user) , the page of large website optimizes value great majority to present converse order, namely: Final page " special subject page " column page " channel page " home page.

How to undertake keyword allocation in the light of each page? Normally the circumstance is such:

1, final page: Be aimed at long end keyword

2, special subject page: Be aimed at popular keyword, for example Zhou Jielun

3, column page: Be aimed at fixed keyword, for example music tries listen

4, channel page: Be aimed at core keyword, for example music

5, home page: Do not allocate a keyword, give priority to with the brand however.

After undertaking keyword allocation, we can be added in final page match inside catenary serves as auxiliary, this is the advantage of the catenary inside large website.

3, the 3rd part, front search engine is friendly

The search that includes UI design is friendly the search with front code is friendly at 2 o’clock.

1, above all the search engine that UI designs in light of us is friendly: Basically be to accomplish navigation clarity, and Flash and picture the use that wait, generally speaking, navigation and the part that take concerned key word do not suit to use Flash and picture, because great majority searchs engine cannot the character in capture Flash and picture.

2, the search engine that is front code next is friendly: Include the following

The concise sex of A, code: Search engine likes concise Html code, such more be helpful for an analysis.

Before B, important information leans: Point to those who take a keyword to reach the place before the news that often replaces chooses those who appear in Html to lean as far as possible.

C, filter interference information: The page of large website is compared commonly complex, all sorts of advertisement, collaboration, information that exchanges content to do not have dependency with etc is more, the code that we should choose to use the search engine such as Js, Iframe to cannot identify filters information of this one share.

The fundamental SEO of D, code: This is SEO job of the foundation, avoid Html mistake and semantics to change label.

4, the 4th part, in-house link is politic

Why should emphasize interior linking strategy? Because inside catenary has the following advantage:

1, the data of large website magnanimity makes inside the advantage of catenary is more than far outside catenary. Outside the measure of catenary is possible thousands of tens of thousands of hundred thousands of, but large website is had 1 million on ten million is very consummate the huge webpage content of 100 million, if use these huge webpages to do inside the construction of catenary, the advantage is apparent.

2, derive the link is a very easy thing between the webpage inside the website.

3, the creeping index efficiency that improves search index to prop up pair of websites, increase collect, also be helpful for PR deliver.

4, center a theme, make the keyword of this theme has rank advantage in searching engine. Inside in catenary construction, we should follow the following principle:

1, amount of the catenary inside control article: The link of thrust deep into the enemy forces within the article is OK the how many control according to content is controlled in 38.

2, the dependency that links an object wants tall.

3, give important webpage more attention: Make the important webpage that has keyword value more receives better rank.

4, use absolutely method.

5, the 5th part, exterior link is politic

We emphasize large website inside catenary construction, but we at the same time also cannot too the construction of the catenary outside was being ignored. Outside of catenary small website is so important in although do not have,be being built, but also have very high value. We can adopt the bait of commutative link, production link, chain outside putting in the method such as the soft article that carries a link to build normally.

1, commutative link should want to follow what principle in light of us:

The keyword is included in character of A, link

B, exchange a link with the site with tall dependency, channel as far as possible

Website of C, the other side derives link measure cannot pass much, overmuch word does not have too great value

D, avoid with was not collected and the website that is punished by search engine exchanges a link

2, production link bait: Production link bait is the job of a save labour, add a link what this makes website of the other side active for us. The skill of production link bait is very much, but can generalize with two words: Originality.

3, the soft article that carries a link puts in. Those who point to is be popularized in business affairs or put in for the carries a link soft article that has to get the catenary outside arriving technically.

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