The server stability influence to the rank

The stability of the server can affect a website to rank a circumstance directly, it is the one link with important Seo, should get is engaged in Seo of people take seriously. The author also has understood server stability to having relatively serious effect to the rank before, nevertheless forefathers says that, oneself do not have opportunity experience all the time however. This, company server appeared problem, lie between 3 difference 5 cannot visit. The problem from the back also slowly rise to surface.

After experiencing this, a few algorithm that summed up search engine are regular: The website that becomes you is successive discontinuous perhaps when appearing not to stabilize a situation, search engine will be temporarily right your website undertakes falling counterpoising handling, till your website server returns to normal the 3-7 day after, longer even hind the weight that restores a website again. If server in succession not stable, inspect even not the accident of stabilization period, two breakdown time-interval, counterpoise to falling again finally time undertakes adjustment, if successive a week, cannot visit more for long even, be deleted likely.

Why to meet such? If your website cannot be visited, and when the person that visit is linked through searching engine, do not go up with respect to meeting link, this searchs the user of engine to experience with respect to can serious effect.

React on Baidu to the influence of the rank to the server more rapid, what Google shows is a little slow. Baidu is commonly can make inside two days when the server cannot visit normally fall accordingly authority processing. Of course, baidu still meets what do not time everyday visit your server, examine whether to return to normal. If be in of Baidu when be being visited the next time, the server can be visited normally, so it still can check a few days continuously, in order to ensure your server was stabilized, undertake corresponding processing to weight again.