The Seo that is clear about his please locates and optimize strategy

True SEO is the logical step that searchs engine retrieval easily through using, in website program, make, the link such as promotion is perforative the thinking of Seo, make a website right user and search engine are more friendly (Search Engine Friendly) , carry natural search thereby, of low cost introduce discharge and translate into sales volume. The search engine that bear the blame is optimized is guiding ideology of sale of engine of a kind of search, regard Seo as a kind of sale the method. is the rank to searching engine not just, the rank just strives for one of methods of discharge, the target is discharge. Ultimate goal is sales volume change, accordingly must clear resolution method and target. And no matter be that,one kind optimizes strategy, it is to must strive for highest page exposure, change with discharge.

Search engine actors or actress chemical industry makes every perforative website plan, construction, link that maintains whole process, deserve website design, development and promotion every participate in personnel and part to know its oneself responsibility the meaning to SEO effect.

Optimize good website, the discharge that from the search engine comes to will have very big rise, nevertheless this is to be able to bring an user merely, and true can the content that of tarry user is a website. So search engine optimizes mere and auxiliary method, what still want to putting major energy website content in the course that builds in the website is perfect go up.

Below we come to a few theory according to Seo and experience sex judgement comb us to do Seo primary technological process and optimize a target to locate, eliminate a few bewilderment in Seo process, establish the standard that Seo effect detects.

The first: The fixed position of Seo

After understanding Seo all Duan Zhi, we use all methods, the strength that all sorts of methods use how, the proportion that holds in integral Seo process how, which kinds of method is used first? After what method to use? Or what method is to must work in the same place is the knot operable?

These problems are replying generally, it is the result with more likely neither one, the answer that wants to one compares ideal and relatively reasonable optimize a plan, so above all the goal that we must define Seo and fixed position. In the frame of specific target and fixed position falls, ability more calculated uses what method of a few Seo undertakes to the website in a planned way has move to optimize.

Normally substantially divides the target of Seo to popularize station and station of large business affairs for the enterprise, according to this both fixed position, seo is the side that having alone to differ nod and implement a measure again, and standard of test and verify. Say simply, the enterprise popularizes a station to be core key method with the keyword mostly, main purpose is to pass the specific keyword related the enterprise, get a relatively satisfactory rank, achieve an enterprise to publicize the action of promotion thereby.

And website of large business affairs, serve as check mark to allow with discharge promotion commonly, thereby the dominant instrument that the keyword cannot make website of large business affairs. The ultimate goal of business affairs website is to should complete a sale, the law from Internet economy " discharge > choose a client > the sale that finish " with " masses promotion, the key is fostered " for main sale concept. It is not certain to have flow gain, it is certain to do not have discharge cannot gain " discharge = value " it is an identity in Internet economy. Accordingly, discharge deduct a percentage from a sum of money is approbated to be the requirement of gain by website of large business affairs.

The 2nd: Trend of Seo key flow and concrete step

Defined the goal of the fixed position of the website and Seo, next the job we get rapid filtration the method of Seo. From theoretic look, the skill of Seo and method have only so a few kinds, the promotion that props up a technology as search index and the difference that search engine byelaw and fluctuant, of the optimal effect of Seo reflect do on a few basic Seo measures namely one queues up and adjust. Alleged " those who apply is clever, put of one mind " be changed without absolutely theory and dogmatic the Seo that change, because Seo is shift of a sale only, not be formula of a technology. In every case is sale shift, it is the strive for victory in changing. Using unused technological process to different website is to cooperate different measure to set program for certain.

In the process of the first pace, we decided the Seo of the website locates, so we have to use all logical steps to cooperate ably to achieve around our target optimal optimize the effect, is not make pretty strong to a place, strike to pursuit of a place, will look on one hand, can encounter development bottleneck, bring about do not get effective forcibly, will look on the other hand, dedicated a respect has easily to the person " excessive optimize " suspicion, from the point of search engine huge infiltrates cogged " blacklist " likelihood.

Accordingly, in the process of Seo, the filtration of the method and assorted dispute often have knowledge and skill, perforative also of course Seoer people the comprehensive understanding to the rule and the foresight judgement that make through the rule.

The key describes the integral Seo train of thought in website of large business affairs and flow measure to see the relevant shift that needs Seo in each flow measure here:

1: One striving for huge page to collect the page that strives for magnanimity is website of large business affairs needs the road of classics, collect through huge page, can search what the keyword diffuses in the index record of engine to cover an amount again, achieve thereby search engine to strive for higher page exposure probability again. Enclothe a quantity to reach certain level when the page, rehear inspects the keyword discharge of the website, meeting hair is off-the-peg the 1000 rare keywords of on 10 thousand and the advanced search of a few special targets amount to a website only each pages. Although the individual discharge of these terms, be inferior to a popular keyword, but, by tens of thousands a popular keyword can not rival gather. Cite a simple case: If is some popular " does memory process turn over a page " [does this keyword make Google day flow for a time keyword of 1 million class] day search quantity is 1 million so appear in the result does the odds of own website have many tall? The time that has lasted to rank how long? These discounts a dozen coming down, how many to bring discharge to you can have to the website? Our aunt calculates it here can sum brings discharge 1 million [actual it is absolutely impossible] . So the keyword search gross that we know to the term besides these a few popular keywords is searching engine has how old? The day request quantity that seizes Google of not complete count is about 300 million, keyword treating capacity is about 150 million. The popular keyword of 1 million above splits up again do not pass everyday inside particular industry 3, 5, very few. [Community of technology of Chinese of MSDN of data origin Microsoft and Chinese ad network]

The page that strives for magnanimity is collected even if as far as possible appear in popular keyword result while, the website page that lets oneself as far as possible is in in remaining the keyword of on 100 million as far as possible appear [the result that appears in rare keyword, discharging the first page commonly is even before 5 are very easy accomplish, and maintain easily] such we change discharge 1 times to enter with 1000 exposure, so we can be calculated our discharge is what kind of growth pattern. The page that how strives for magnanimity is collected, we look to have what particular kind:

A: Url strategy

Url strategy is the first pace that strives for huge page to collect, hope to be collected, must have friendly Url, this is by course of study inside approbate generally. [The article is not technical documentation, not specific spread out how to implement Url strategy]

B: Exposure of home page content

Exposure of home page content basically is to give the website that what update without fixed content to use, must active the website oneself is communal inside realize the link in home page with certain technical measure together annulus sow reveal, general cycle with 1 – 2 days can. Can guide search actively to all alone website content is collected in engine so.

C: Site map

Use those who put text version, structured page comes the main navigation of enumerate website, with the content list that has certain newer frequency, retrieve data regularly for searching engine, the page that also can search strong demand engine to collect writes amid [such frame page content is OK also doing, when must use frame, the guiding with this will very good method of frame page collect] .

Have a few auxiliary kind additionally, do not suit all websites naturally, but we can understand as optional method:

A: Huge and fast content is newer hold sb under duress searchs engine[This method won’t be forever cogged method]

The website that establishs initial stage commonly and company of a few networks are compared general and get effective piece method. Can pass a person to be versed in, or program intelligence means will undertake dogging to the content of the website of the gender update, the website that is oneself aims at an industry useful information, accept is oneself with. This movement should be alled alone by search engine is aware of only newer, hold to 1 – the root new frequency that engine of 3 weeks of searches can adjust pair of websites [had had real operation to experiment] last to be adjusted quickly next collect, short-term inside one can be achieved in search engine interior taller cover an amount.

B: Url upgrades face-lifting[Either 10 thousand must not with, do not suggest to often use this means]

Changing way is to pass the Url regulation that replaces a website and strategy to let search what engine pays close attention to Url again update, but premise is to enable new Url regulation while, what must ensure former Url is regular is effective with the page effective. Now and then use this means effect quite beautiful, OK and short-term inside make collect a quantity to turn over times. [Best to Baidu effect]

[The conclusion sex judgement that the real development experience that strives for huge page to collect means basis to search engine before and fundamental algorithm reach is the kind that effect first-rate has lasting effect sex, also be the way that Seoer of numerous low cost approves generally. Also be the way that Seoer of numerous low cost approves generally..

2: Key keyword is driven

What emphasize here is the idea that keyword of a key promotes, not be a keyword optimize a method as core. Should have done work of the first pace, the page enclothed a quantity to attain certain scale, it is easy to will do the keyword that wants to do again much, can achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort. On the base that covers an amount again high, we are timely adjust a website, also the keyword orientaton of a few pages, OK and agile, pass popular keyword seasonally to bring wanted flow for us. [Discharge again how translate into sales volume, this is our market sale strategy, do not spread out here] the seed that brings our sales volume. Particular way:

A: Data statistic and survey are made in the entrance keyword of the website again, according to searching the keyword data of engine union does prospective keyword to forecast. [This job should shift to an earlier date at least 2 – 3 weeks of keyword trend that forecast future] the keyword that adjusts page content in time next [the principle] that assures correlation as far as possible, whether has been the page that the job later adjusts so that retrieve a keyword certainly collected should work otherwise insignificant. [Adjust the good support that needs CMS to go up in management in time of the keyword]

B: The correlation that does the keyword inside good station links everybody scarcely is unfamiliar, in the content of a few websites, can send existing and certain term to take a link to be able to be clicked, enter relevant page. This is link of so called keyword, large website must be perfected. Be like: The page of a negotiable securities, appear the term of a few negotiable securities, become relevant explanation to these data next, enter the relevant page with other perhaps and similar Faq, such doing not only what link inside strengthened station is perforative, the link of emphasis keyword can increase the weight of the search, to the user also be very convenient thing.

3: Website structure is optimized

Two paces job has been done in front, believe the website can have passed natural search to bring quite steady flow, how tarry discharge, how to pass better IP caller flow to change promotion PV discharge again, it is the issue that this phase must consider. If say the job in front more it is to look to search engine, so begin the work from the back from now more will be with factitious center, do for the user, at the same time give attention to two or morethings searchs engine. Website structure optimizes basically the following must work:

A: Navigation structure is optimized

The optimize principle of navigation structure is not just those who want pair of people is alternant and friendly, must satisfy what prop up with search index to communicate at the same time trouble-free, the structure of outstanding navigation will be OK guide an user to do more businesses on the website, be like: Read, learn, seek advice, shop… . . All these builds the system that there is good navigation in the website, let an user can be in spellbound when enter any the position, in progressively and clear thinking when find wanted content, after building certain trustful base he can understand the product of the website. The purpose that navigation structure optimizes should let an user be in namely proper when can do the business that wants do.

B: Content structure is optimized

Content is optimized also is a when website structure optimizes serious content. How to reveal a website to have content, what content should mention website home page to reveal, what trival content need area is wraparound change reveal, what content can return to navigation… . These are the jobs that content structure optimizes. Normally content arrangement notices a few principles and pattern:

  • Newer frequency is faster that promotes home page to reveal area piece as far as possible together
  • The content that the user pays close attention to promotes home page to reveal
  • The content that forms industry authority atmosphere easily promotes home page to show
  • Make an appointment with qualitative chronic content as far as possible navigation is attributive
  • Content of functional sex business as far as possible navigation is attributive [contain pushbutton tool navigation]
  • FAQ or concentration of content of similar customer service navigation is attributive change
  • [This rule is summed up according to trade work experience, have long-term practice operation]

C: Business framework is optimized

Business framework is optimized basically is the business function according to the website, the business fixed position business the website flows etc make development of sex of a few functions and user correlation sex. [This content involves market sale and company business pertinent question, do not spread out here elaborate, what Seo just emphasizes here is omnibus thinking of Seo of dress of this movement be linked together will be right the move since search engine sale presses action]

D: Technical framework is optimized

Of technical framework optimize a key that is job of Seo ground floor to work. Good technical framework will make whole website has good search from a priori engine is friendly degree. Be based on the website system of an exceedingly good structural frame, although be not done additional the foundation is optimized [be like: URl is optimized, the link inside the station is optimized etc] can searching engine to see superior performance, can have done those who be based on business dedicatedly to optimize at this moment. [Spread out about be not being done here discuss, other technology framework is the conclusion sex that in once searching engine to develop the job and Cms development work, has undertaken differentiate is being proved to the contribution of Seo viewpoint, if have fun at,can look for me to ask for discuss < to search engine to develop principle > , perpendicular search engine carries out < industry plan is how-to > , < network spider is exceedingly good and algorithmic analytic > , link of < network spider crawls method solves method > , ground floor of < exceedingly good Cms supports a system > the blame commerce that waits for relevant content and technical secret are paragraphic]

Do good above a variety of jobs, so our website should fall to had become in the financial capacity that matchs his and manpower premise in fact " big station " of big station limit normally with famous degree, IP discharge, PV quantity, the rank consult for main data, the gain capability that promotes subsequently is to stand to measure a level necessarily greatly of course.

Seo a few main jobs we above had done, involved content plan, business program, technical structural frame, interfacial structure, the system is safeguarded wait for a few respects. But this is not terminal, still have the room with better pursuit.

Optimize flow by what the standard walks along Wan Benzhang, catalog structure, url problem, navigation structure, frame, image, form, page code reduces weight wait for problem of a few foundations be readily solved. It is OK to because come website of this large business affairs is done as far as possible according to this flow,be optimized spare time and manpower cost, blend in a few thorny apparent issues solved stage by stage in flow.

The 3rd. Make a website easier be visited with a few auxiliary methods the discharge promotion that a few auxiliary methods of here place respecting are pair of websites of course, to Seo optimize advancing is beneficial hurtless [did not get apparent test and verify really in reality as to the effect] be like:

1: Of the link outside the station build, basically be friendship link, flexible language link
2: The research that keyword density and keyword distributing plans

After job of this one pace is making 3 good before main fields, the integral effect of the website should be perfectly, this job just calculates a job that perfect basically, proper work can be done inside the range that can reach, do not recommend devoted and too much experience.

[Of course, to the company station of utility of a few promotion, the position of this job differred, discussing currently]

PS: Add the practice that says an individual, my station, start working does not have a few days, IP discharge from a few, the instant rises to 1, 2 100. I did a keyword to dog, I did not discover what is popular basically keyword, but, of my entrance keyword cover an amount very tall, the keyword that a lot of myself are patting a head to perhaps search to search not to come out with the tool can guide my way station. Check instead, these keywords are in commonly the first page, it is before 3 even. Additional, my Seo practice is old-fashioned way commonly, won’t offend basically cogged. Also do not have cogged history. . . . But my it is the most important to optimize an object is to be aimed at Baidu.