The SEO that complete Google changes won’ts do to Baidu

In the dot stone interacts recently the topic that sees a lot of people are updated in discussion Baidu, very fervent. Because rubbish stands to be decreased to collect,be for the most part, remnant home page, cannot find discuss be in the majority. Because this expresses this SEO point of view: The SEO that complete Google changes won’ts do to Baidu!

Baidu analysis

1. Baidu understands Chinese Internet more

The market share of Baidu is very large degree is the demand that captured Chinese Internet. But because his concept and place of Chinese Internet current situation cause reference,at the same time the rank flaw of Baidu also is: / Mt/whybd2/index.html. Baidu is not not to want to add Sanbox, new algorithm to come screen is cogged and perfect rank system, advocate should if become,Yahoo go when the netizen wants to watch the latest news of lotus elder sister first does search arrive? If you are rubbish,stand of course, thinking rapid intercept discharge to obtain interest Baidu is your first selection likewise.

2. Baidu understands Chinese stationmaster more

Individual stationmaster has a few to have a normal station only, some rubbish stations raise normal station, some is rubbish station completely. If the intermediate word that does not have egregious interest association, rubbish stands by K theoretic tell won’t embroil stands normally, sit repeatedly and so on does not accord with Chinese national condition. If a person is rubbish station completely,neither one stands normally, so very low in the trustful mechanism of Baidu, the Baidu employee stock that this moment did not follow to return SPAM troop drops, domestic force and so on causes the state of mind wave motion is big bad to said.

The SEO mind that 3.Google changes

The idea that uses a Chinese goes look upon Baidu, is a few the SEO tutorial that circulates on the net has written in the light of Google? SEObook Chinese edition, the SEO that the hot degree of the tutorial of SEO electron book such as interpose of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad treasure, Wang Tong, Liu Zhijun and consequence see China is basic it is Google change. Do you go to association of business affairs of times sale, electron see the result in Baidu? If you basically become the knowledge that then you press Google to had learned before,go SEO,

If you want to do Baidu, then you understand Baidu more with respect to this, understand Chinese netizen, understand oneself website.

The perspective of individual Baidu SEO

1. domain name

You can register on 10 thousand domain names, baidu meets a person be you sometimes is domain name agent, but the domain name site that does not keep too much please is collected in Baidu and update ceaselessly, from energy allocation easy judgement gives you is normal station or rubbish station, return possible group operation of course, have to read content so.

2. space

If be in same table server, do not make a station please group like link, if be linked to control PageRank, so this kind of link should abandon, should be content at least relevant or complementary model website.

3. website SEO

Baidu allergy SEO, affect his commercial interest, can refer to [Url/search/guide.html] Baidu stationmaster is regular [/ Url] , one appears on the market the company should consider culture of competition ability of management, user, core, company to wait to still must consider partner and profit not only, the website asks person SEO, didn’t the money of Baidu contest price fly? Ask desalt SEO trace so, of the SEO gimmick that can go studying those levels are high and Baidu oneself optimize.

The catenary outside 4. is built

Close bare of bright red move, close Chinese ink person black. You do the friendship link that is less than big station to never mind, the most crucial do not want and cogged site, optimize excessive wait for the site friendship link that has a problem. Guide the link asks not overmuch attempt to leave a message this, Bo Kequn sends and so on. This kind had run rampant, weight just is blamed high, nevertheless the effect has for certain, the skill that ranks oversight link is temporary possibility is not large, but consider please by K risk. Not be group of hair with respect to K, that can give competitor hair, did not forget to come out to mix what always should return.

5. network public relations

Do not say to speak ill of Baidu in communal circumstance as far as possible, bespatter Baidu fame. If should croak,can revise the proposal of Baidu. Association of electronic business affairs is not known to because stand,be by K group optimizing still is this element. Of course if do not have website circumstance different. Do Baidu to stick not overly as far as possible, 100 divisions, know. Measurable and OK, how good advertisement platform. But if beyond the mark, you think, do you allow others to often bully your son?

6. netizen configuration

Know the pattern of Chinese netizen, demand. The netizen is the element that involving Baidu to go, is not stationmaster complain. The data report of CNNIC and the research organization data such as moxa luck, easy view want much reference. The Baidu that likes when the user can catch the market for certain, so stationmaster and SEOer need not deal with Baidu passively.

More detail do not say more, suggest everybody much conversion thinks, analyse the problem of and so on of rubbish station, K station from the angle of Baidu. Search engine won’t be announced algorithm and a few secrets, you ask some problems again strong stationmaster and SEOer also were not used, the problem does not have a result certainly, but should find results.

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