The SEO of Sai Shu talks: Cask law

Cask is mensurable (cask theory) : A pail can install how many water, depend on completely that its shortest board.

Very may much friend’s involuntary existence is same a problem: The website that I optimize, where is more advanced than others, where had experienced than others user, which keyword rank is higher than others but, decide cask can install how many water truly, depend on that the shortest board, is not the longest that.

I often make such mistake.

Analysis of comparative competitor website wants when optimizing, see some of the other side very good when, think, additionally one my more not bad than yours; Search a certain word, when adversary rank is high, think, my rank that a lot of words compare you is high

Be such idea, let us be immersed in an error. What SEO wants is comprehensive, capture each detail, had made each segment, each part job wants to catch up with, and not because of neglect, or do not go caring about, that the shortest board in letting cask affected optimized result.

In light of the point of view that experiences from the user again, as caller, accurate client, client, your advantage others can see, defect is easier bring to sb’s attention. A lot of moment a few subtle defect, have caustic user experience possibly, faithful even degree.

Cask law still has another meaning: Cask whether install water, depend on even the union between board is close together, if be put in aperture, cannot install water likewise.

This is me tell on the congress that choose stone, SEO service is a closed annular flow, is not from the dot is nodded to another completed optimized whole process. In optimized process, each job wants close together union to rise, optimize inside exterior link, in-house link, station want across to undertake, at any time the condition of a job that the basis has completed, right other each adjustment that undertakes adaptability, make the effect of the job of each pace the biggest change.