The Seo of by-talk rich guest

Web2.0 is a period that advocates the masses to participate in, wait for the occurrence of these new network form like service of guest of picture, video, rich, map, SNS, emphasized the play of the dynamic role of person and network more, of the oldest rate disentomb person and network, of person and person interactive.

Microsoft 240 million dollar becomes a shareholder the visit of 100 million 5 ten million measures Facebook, old Xu Na, lose insensibly like news resembling bomb in Web2.0 in this big ring, believe enough makes all ADer people covet 3 feet, so we say the SEM of Web2.0 makes the new trend that prospective SEO develops necessarily.

That we what should these careless roots do? We are done not have gigantic endowment introduce big shop sign of bound of movie and TV to enter the Blog that is stationed in us, the interest that also does not have that Xx door explodes news, we were not achieved formerly but we are OK and integrated, we do not have a product, we can provide a service, here is not the service that points to UGC, serve kind of product however.

Blog has become the network media that have one’s moment to help people come true to be communicated in time. Already enterprise of a lot of high-tech waits to already was in like GOOGLE MS SUN use Blog, because of rich guest suffer numerous group of person that not onefold true offset is expended, also have politician, media, businessman they also are being read.

How to build guest of a rich to should undertake optimizing?

The first pace: Domain name

The rich settle or live in a strange place that builds oneself must not file top class domain name, but as far as possible key word embedded in rich guest, the keyword use in rich guest article is more important, the principle of this and SEO is consistent.

The exemple is consistent the firm gain customer that the home sells foreign currency conduct financial transactions the product, the definition is everybody does not know this is a what rich guest, but if the definition is everybody can from Forex understand this is what company in this word, or what rich guest. The stand or fall of definition domain name is not listed one by one, there is specific definition method on the net everybody can consult.

The 2nd pace: Content runs a system

CMS platitude, a good Cms can bring objective discharge for each your article, each page must have his Title Tag and can be together with the keyword that your rich guest stands.

The 3rd pace: Optimize comment and footmark (Track Back)

Somebody jape, detail decides success or failure, do one leave a message board can you decide to succeed? My answer is yes.

Faceless reply is said to be to take effect ignored content seriously only by a lot of stationmaster, but what I want to say is, before your website has not mature, talking about what brand value is pale, everything wants from attract visit discharge to be primary purpose.

The 4th pace: Set caption and description

The definition method here does not have rich settle or live in a strange place only only applicable, all pages are due if oneself Title can accomplish this, your website discharge can have a flight certainly. Avoid by all means does not repeat use key word, the first step of well-known description is more than key word, and the description of a few people is written into Xxx to groom | Xxx grooms | Xxx grooms, before perhaps the rank inside your website short time leans, but need not urgent your website is dropped very quickly by K. This is not exaggerate sth just to scare people, it is my personal experience. The description had better summarize your webpage content with a word, at this o’clock you can examine the description of next Google and Baidu.

Title: ?  of Tuo of Qiao of  of approach of Yu sew Huang?

Descriptive: ?  of  of sole of castrate of spay of Pan of contraction of ⑿ of plan  of ⑼ of frame of quilt of ⒁ of field of  of ┩ of Tao  Mao shelters AP of Ting of punishment  Shan searchs a function.


Descriptive: ?

You must believe Google compares you more know SEO.

The 4th pace: About subscription (RSS)

The netizen is made clear how to can subscribe to to believe a source to his RSS in the significant position of your Bo Wen (Feed) .

The 5th pace: Hand over

Everything is arranged appropriate did not forget to give engine of big door and each search and directory station your baby.

Finally, talk make money, every stationmaster lane of month of thousands of IP piles advertisement to be on his website I object to the utmost, my individual thinks better advertisement proportion should be the word of one page, every 1000 words 1, not too exaggerative. A few stationmaster that like to hang a trojan, hope you were not done again, it is very easy to make money actually, you can develop the more that the right way can earn slowly.