The SEO effect explanation of picture label

What everybody understands SEO is more than me, I admit I am not old bird, what must carry today is Baidu picture collect big chaos, our normal demand, I am dissatisfactory to comparativing at this o’clock. Return subject to think conversely, still can absorb next among them mystery, you in Baidu your picture searchs lovely, pink, black the key word that energy of life of a lot of person exceeds flourishing, gotten picture, it is mobile phone theme. Do not believe yourself to try, find very hard to what we want. Is this why? Of course, the picture that this is thematic website is optimized, achieved perfection.

The effect is very apparent. I want those who go to the of 70% discharge of their website is this place area. Why we do not absorb their style.

We say what how make good picture label to optimize below:

In replacing a written language, 1. adds key word in the picture, this is a bit what optimize website picture, namely the processing of Alt part. For instance:

<img Src=seo-for-everybody.jpg Alt=SEO For Everybody>

But still do not calculate like afore-mentioned code combination perfect, does the picture of a standard embed what element code ought to contain? From we are informed over there Pearsonified, it ought to contain 5 decisive elements: Src, Width, Height, Alt and Title. It is Alt element of course among them most crucial. Cite a case, for instance on the side picture of this piece of SEO, long wide for 239×104. So its normative HTML code ought to be:

<img Src=seo-for-everybody.jpg Width=239 Height=104Alt=SEO For Everybody Title=SEO For Everybody />

2. takes your picture a description sexual file name

If you have a piece of picture,be about be out of shape of King Kong, ought to use the file name that has descriptive quality so like Transformers.jpg so, is not the name that use T123.jpg is code name this kind only, can use the file name that serves as a picture for word of exchange of letters of course.

3. is all round the picture add pertinent information

If you use Google to search a picture, not can difficult discovery, in every pieces the meeting below the picture has character of sex of a paragraph of description, among them key word shows with thick substance. Word of style or manner of writing of this paragraph of description is to be located in textual order picture commonly all round, it is so all round the picture it is OK to add the descriptive information that contains key word optimize website picture to lead the rank in propping up in the search.

4. uses a keyword to link a picture

Use exceed a link to open a picture, so the key word that exceeds the name of the link to ought to include a picture, for instance you should link a piece to be out of shape the picture of King Kong, unfavorable use click acquire the link character such as whole dimension, and ought to try to use such as to be out of shape of and so on of bumblebee of King Kong toy name a form.

5. uses Tag to make label for the picture

When using the picture memory that resembles Flickr and so on to serve, had better add Tag for the picture.

The frame that picture of Google of 6. take out searchs

Click the picture on Google picture engine to be able to come to the webpage that the picture is in, but the frame of Google is contained in webpage top, reduced the field of vision of webpage itself, the method of take out is join in webpage code below code of a paragraph of JavaScript:

<script Language=JavaScript Type=text/javascript>If (top.location! = Self.location) Top.location = Self.location;

7. uses him the picture that is not other website

8. notices the dimension of the picture searchs engine with suiting

What for instance you link is a piece of wallpaper, so the size of wallpaper ought to up to specification.

9. detects the picture that is searched to index by Google picture

To detect we are opposite of website picture optimize a method appropriate, can undertake detecting to the website picture of Google retrieval, the method is to visit following addresses: / Images? Q=site: . Cn