The search that is aimed at Live optimizes a proposal

A lot of people are doing oversight of the metropolis when optimizing) of engine of Live Search(Live search, when doing home to optimize especially, won’t see the search result of Live more.

Little imagine, the person that uses MSN in abroad exceeded QQ far, and the Live Search that when these people are using search engine, general metropolis uses MSN to be taken oneself directly. And had done Live to search engine to optimize search engine website to popularize at MSN portal relatively, can have positive effect, it is a magic weapon that increases website flow.

When Live searchs engine website to optimize, basically be to should notice the following:

One, the navigation link that uses literal form as far as possible, be used less as far as possible or need not Flash and JS become navigation link.

2, the website uses Div+css to make, make redundant code decreases, raise a webpage corresponding rate, accelerate search engine capture.

3, webpage static state changes:

Static webpage not only the to load rate that accelerates a webpage, increase user experience, and capture of convenient search engine, raise search engine to collect.

4, website catalog structure optimizes:

Website navigation is reasonable, by outside to inside, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, all can link normally, catalog uses the form of cent pole, be like home page >> 2 class column >> 3 class column >> content page, the webpage is put to different column according to the category in.

5, generate website map Sitemap.html and Sitemap.xml map of two kinds of formats, at the same time the engine of commonly used search such as facilitating Baidu and Goole collects website content.

6, keyword density:

Keyword density wants reasonable setting, do not cross a link 3 times, in webpage caption, website content, tags. Not excessive, also do not want to repeat, key word density is in 1% to 7% more appropriate.

7, of the link optimize:

Website link is the method that facilitating search engine classifies to the website. Linking internal composition also is the website optimizes a very main strategy. The link optimizes those who include catalog and URL to write a law, navigation link, content link, website map.

8, of the page optimize:

Of the page optimize include Title to optimize, meta is optimized, FLASH is optimized, the picture is optimized, label is optimized, layout is optimized, frame is optimized etc.

Master good above website to optimize an element, can better raise Live to search engine website to rank, the hope is friendly to the station people inspire somewhat.