The search optimizes: The website is optimized should ensure 3 basic principles

In Chinese network sale service business takes search engine seriously to optimize very much, but the effect not beautiful, investigate its reason, the network serves supplier and client to be eager to hope for success, optimize to its website by hook and crook, it is exceeding is optimized even, be indexed prop up penalty by search even finally, cause serious consequence.

Bill is received in country’s at present common SEOER, it is to pass all sorts of means to undertake optimizing to the website, its method includes lawful with illegal means, beg a website to be optimized quickly only go up, next good serve cost to client collection the rest, optimize to its next undertake maintenance no longer, safeguard its to rank, have more very person the website that optimizes through illegal means, in before long the rank inside time drops with respect to quickness.

If be the website that adopts unreasonable method to optimize, it is with Google the exemple is general after PR is updated its website ranks general metropolis quickness to drop, because Google is to cogged website none of be irresolute when firmness is needed (the complexity that depends on pair of its algorithm and cogged to the website essence are judged definitely) , not be to be deleted artificially of course, be the algorithm of Google and technology only is masterly! The client’s interest cannot get essential safeguard, the effect that also is indifferent to, more never mention it bring profit to the client through optimizing a website!

Optimize the website that go up successfully, also not likely generates profit to business opportunity, before average company client sees what go up through optimizing can be discharged a few glad unceasingly, but discovery of very quick meeting cannot become glad, because give a website to also cannot bring how many discharge, bring discharge also cannot translate into is potential client, cannot generate direct or indirect profit to the enterprise.

Giving a website not to bring how many discharge is the flicker that depends on listening to SEOER, do not have the search behavior analysis of potential to its client, industry of not thorough union chooses a keyword actually to undertake optimizing, hold the post of however by SEOER flicker, general SEOER is the keyword that chooses its to be optimized more easily relatively (a few situations that the client can understand before I think general SEOer is talking with the client, a few very irresponsible SEOER can recommend the keyword that its optimize more easily to the client, but do not have a bit effect to the website) .

To certain keyword (it is to point to popular keyword commonly, not popular, discharge also won’t come, breathe out ah) , although bring discharge, but still cannot generate profit directly to the enterprise, experience because of the user of the website not beautiful, very difficult translate into permits a client. Popular keyword competition is more intense, go up to can be optimized, undertake modification to the website ceaselessly, final it is to optimize go up, but the user experience of the website was done not have completely, such website, discharge has to use again? If be you, can you be above such website buy a thing? The user experiences bad website, believe be purchasing power of very difficult generation.

The website optimizes a kind of method that is website promotion, a kind of tool. The website is optimized, no matter serve a supplier to client or network, should not expect to its too tall, cannot act too hastily, more haste,less speed, should undertake to its through reasonable and legal measure the website is optimized, the purpose that should understand the website is optimized is website discharge problem not just, the flow that lets optimize however produces the problem of value, do not have valuable discharge, also use without giving thought to greatly again, it is instead in wasteful website resource, waste bandwidth!

In view of this, the website optimizes should ensure 3 basic principles:

1, defeating the premise that turns user experience to fall to undertake optimizing to its website.

2, be being optimized with the website is bring profit to the enterprise and not be to give a website to bring discharge, run a website, those who want is accrual is not discharge.

3, the website is optimized should reasonable and lawful, cannot act too hastily, eager for quick success and instant benefit, what be in an unfavorable situation finally otherwise is him client.