The search optimizes experience to share: Baidu falls authority settles way

Baidu is updated greatly every time, to major website at the same time the rank is met adjust accordingly, partial website can appear fall authority issue, under one’s name letting a platoon falls, search engine to fall to the website to appearing greatly authority (search engine closes a certain page of the site, or decrease collect an amount, this is us often say fall authority) or seal a station (search engine does not collect this site, all pages in perhaps searching this site engine are deleted) problem, basically be to depend on website itself, a moment ago respecting those two clients are out a website designs staff, the program that the website uses is basic and same. Occurrence question is basic also and same, BAIDU collects the home page of the website only. And GOOGLE collects the result good however.

The site that solves these problems to go up to want to promote you first namely at all is searching the weight in engine, engine of all alone letting search approves your site. I summed up have probably at 6 o’clock problem:

One, code of essence of life

A lot of websites for him page beautiful and luxuriant, use a lot of trival programs to realize a few complex functions to undertake controlling, and when deploy uses these programs, special carelessly of these programs carefully and nearly quality, insert what often do not have any principles at random casually, such meetings make search engine very bemused, without train of thought. For search so index is propped up can the better site that collects you, abandon those flowery or function of a few unpractical please.

2, change a structure

The structure of the website that is to say the integral frame of the website. A moment ago those two clients of respecting, to realize a few online functions, a page appeared 6 Iframe. Although search engine to be in,progress, google had avoided this problem, but Baidu still is not the page that likes existence Iframe very much.

Link a circumstance to the interior of the website, must act on clear and clear, maintain a link unobstructed, do not appear as far as possible circumstance of dead chain bad chain. Problem of dead to appearing catenary (if be oneself server) , can make wrong news afresh.

Fixed use Google Webmaster Tools or Xenu will examine his site.

3, heavy quality

The website ought to have certain quality, if a website cannot give an user to provide valuable information and content, can be sold at a discount greatly by search engine, search engine also pays attention to quality of website content, page very much euqally, quality of in-house link, exterior link and website are final page quality.

Content quality, I also had written a lot of articles so, optimize to the website for, my individual thinks the high grade content of the website holds very large proportion in optimize! Since content is very serious, how we should create high grade content? Search engine is read take an article to be able to depart the content in the webpage only, build index respectively, wait for a technology to undertake a machine compile to content through the participle next. Again hind it is an user use engine searchs relevant keyword, search engine provides content. After waiting to shift to an earlier date or rely on website or relevant page to the weight of page website, uniqueness according to it, reveal an user. Achieve content formerly to be being used as far as possible for high grade content so. The writing means of everybody is different, what reflect the form breaking a word that come out, also differ for certain, what assure content as far as possible so is former achieve uniqueness.

Of Baidu stick, know, vocabulary entry, can say in a few old products be Baidu is the most significant, these a few products created very much exclusive substantive content, and a lot of content are the search habit development according to the Chinese. Also can say these a few products searched engine to provide better content greatly for each.

Page quality, those who point to is final terminal page quality, content also calculates firstly. I mention a few websites to never notice even here but very important facet. A lot of websites have his news page, this page can say is terminal page, but stationmaster can forget the keyword that adds this kind of page labels with a few the basiccest Meta, specific number I do not want to say, should notice really. But be sure to keep in mind to be not abused.

The ascensive system that searchs engine is continual now offer for the user more high quality content, and can pay attention to the sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of the website more, search engine is met relevant content raises a newest news to search engine to search a result in front, especially news search. After this has been done, the site that also can give you brings a few discharge, a few clients. How will optimize sex of website actual effect? How to let search engine to collect my news terminal page more quickly?

What should assure above all is a website the weight in searching engine, your site and search engine must want to a good cooperation concerns. Let Spider people the website that goes in time paying close attention to oneself, be stationed in even leave Spider, this you are successful! Basically pass high quality the site that exterior resource will come to to hold you in the palm. Website page itself should notice code is simple, join due mark, maintain nice link. It is very important to still have a bit, that is the name of news page or catalog. Page file name will use NEWS071109.HTML as far as possible or such 071109.HTML name, because these have time,file name of the representing is a when search engine to judge news fundamental condition. Search engine to also like very much to special subject, because he is put in uniqueness and sex of effectiveness for a given period of time, to the special subject of catalog sex, search engine to also be preferred. To content, this place of use H1 must be used, and key word undertakes add thick etc.

4, light optimize

Light optimize, when you are doing a website, a few when should tell your design personnel SEO only big principles (the implied meaning that there is SEO of a lot of introductions on the network, I did not say) more here, make he is done according to this a few big principles OK. Must not optimize to optimize, such effects may be just the opposite to what one wished. Also do not accumulate a keyword, to enlarge the catenary outside oneself mad addition is linked. I had the website of a lot of clients to pay very big price because of this, those who change is a search bring those who prop up pair of websites to fall authority, just go seeking an account.

5, experienced exercise to benefit the internal organs

Experienced exercise to benefit the internal organs, respecting exercise to benefit the internal organs wants for certain first the integral structure of respecting website, had had SEO experience or sale website (experience from the user, dog to user behavior, the website that is an organic whole to last sale again) the person of construction knows, the website is beautiful not be a purpose, the purpose is the visit user changeover the website, make a website efficient be approbated by search engine. And should accomplish these, the structure of the website is very important. Those who say is a few simpler, website structure lets an user see he thinks the thing that see namely, let him always can find wanted information and product, find your connection way at any time. Search engine field, the link capture that lets search engine to be able to carry a page smoothly arrives every page in the website, if particular facet builds effective link navigation, let every page have navigation function, can convenient engine, also can go to the lavatory user. Build website map, will serious content or catalog are reflected in the map. Use HTML page as far as possible.

6, experienced exercises to benefit the muscles and bones

Experienced exercises to benefit the muscles and bones, a website had perfect structure, after have sale and letting search the requirement that engine height approves, is this enough? I should tell you for certain, this is insufficient.
Search engine was approbated, we let it be approbated highly even, this needs exterior link. Exterior link also should pay attention to quality. If your site is a new site when, whether is the exterior link that does not care about you high quality. You should look for a few structures only reasonable, nonexistent deceit sex, nonexistent excessive it is good that optimized site goes exchanging a link. Because these sites are the site that has certain latent capacity, can become the site of a tall weight in the future likely.

If your website had had the weight of respect of engine of a few searches, then you should notice when choosing exterior link, cannot undertake linking exchange and link with the site of authority be fallinged absolutely. Still have a bit, do not grudge namely your link, go be a few low weight appropriately, the website of high quality has a link.

Take a heart everywhere, see when you the place that can release him website to link must be released. But must not leave a message in what those stick full link this, the place such as forum is released.

Great join list, home has a lot of first-rate Chinese list now, had been like 123, although existence collects fees, what if can be joined,still join is good. 265 wait such a lot of catalog a moment. Use well. Foreign DMOZ is pretty good also, if can add catalog engine of abroad OK also.

How to face fall authority

Face fall authority should be analysed calmly, main problem still is in with website itself. Want to begin from the website so, how should if had been the site fallen to counterpoise,we do?

Fall commonly authority cent is 4 kinds:

1, site part collects content to reduce;

2, website home page by screen;

3, the website is exterior the link reduces;

4, full page deletes the website.

The site collects content to decrease, face this problem, our website fabricant should consider the in-house link of the net to whether be put in error, much deader catenary has appeared inside the website.

Website home page by screen, this kind of problem basically appears in BAIDU. This problem is solved simpler, revise the leader head index of the server directly for other page. Or revise the file name of home page afresh. But the precondition that does these is this page did not undertake excessive optimize.

Exterior link reduces the website, because the exterior join quality of your site is not high,basically be, when search engine reentry is adjusted all right you exterior those rubbish links are deleted. Must pay attention to high quality so exterior resource.

Full page deletes the website, this problem is more severe, appeared commonly this problem is for certain with respect to the site that means you very big question. It is excessive likely optimize, it is website structure is waited a moment likely. Encounter such problem to must want to restore the site unvarnished, redundant link revises take out website frame structure. Wait to search engine to be collected afresh, general this periodic meeting is very long. If this site domain name is not very important word, can consider to change domain name, refer search engine afresh