The search intent of the user (Intention Of SE Users)

Come from the guest of a rich of staff of the development that clean out treasure, adept person looks way to do sth, dilettante person watchs the scene of bustle ~ ~

SEO researcher takes the relevant data with search valuable engine very hard to have thorough research to it.

Searching engine field, the search intent analysis of the user is a crucial domain, the direction of main research is the real intent of the keyword that the user inputs. Take the commonnest search keyword: The cheongsam is custom-built, the intention of this search is very apparent, the user should find the network address of can custom-built cheongsam namely. Resemble N95 for example additionally such search word, it is the model of a mobile phone, can fill to arrive completely Nokia N95.

The method of the searchs an intent analysis of the user is not secured relatively, more successful central word analysis, history searchs area of keyword, semantic analysis, language analysis, click the method such as statistical analysis. So does the user on Internet index in search dry what the intent that props up is? A detailed analytic result gives out below, offer relevant personage reference:

32% direct dragnet stand

31% resource and download

16% information

Stock of 4% finance and economics kind

4% commerce are relevant (B2C, c2C, and the flow that generates consumption likely)

13% pornography kind

This result may make a person accident, two the biggest kinds search a website directly actually! Yes, yes, many user inputs the name of a website directly in search engine, for example cruel of the net inside school, actor. Also have an user directer, input: The English abbreviate such as Vagaa, still have the name that can input this search engine in search engine even such circumstance. However this is accident not at all, the amount of the netizen that can remember exceeding 10 above domain name still belongs to minority, and also can be minority later, below such circumstance, the biggest action that searchs engine searchs navigation namely.

Download about resource kind, perhaps you can understand why the market of such website of Xunlei and Vagaa will be so big, also the discharge of thunder of no wonder fast exceeded websites of any a portal actually.

About information kind, information, news, interlocution give priority to, this part is not a tradition what we envisage is so big, but like Baidu such search index is propped up + community content takes the flow of this part very easily in Baidu, because can abound the experience that the search enhances after the content of this part, form a closed circuit that searchs quality improvement thereby.

A few other kinds need not say more, nevertheless as stock market upsurge decline, relevant search also is in finance to drop in temperature quickly, but regular meeting has new social heat to replace this.

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