The search engine with mainstream forum same process optimizes an attention to want a place

Regular meeting of classics of a lot of stationmaster asks how path forum is optimized, the no more than of commonly used now forum program PHP is DZ and PHPWIND, of ASP is commonly those who move net and BBSXP to use is more. Although these different programs have different framework, but optimize in SEO() on can abide by when:

Close to deny the issue that URL static state turns then

The algorithm that searchs engine changes ceaselessly adjusting, develop so far, small website is changed in URL static state in on what presenting the dominant position that come out is not very apparent, the Baidu before including half an year also is in to the weight of Tag and capture rate drop, dynamic Url is opposite for have an advantage quite, everybody can pass the program contrast of Bbsxp and Dz to check. (Fall at this o’clock to the case is being gotten in website weight only)

The key that forum optimizes

The order that searchs engine capture website is from left arrive right, the order of from the top down. Namely left upside, the weight of upside is taller. Accordingly, key place also is here. General top left corner is chronic Logo position, logo must add Title explanatory note, right upside attributes Banner position, general forum puts chronically to show a picture. Actually, here should reflect an emphasis, extend long end word to perhaps had done reasonable participle to optimize according to the core keyword of the website, use H1 label does to exceed a link.

Website column edition piece differentiate

The differentiating with concise habit of a lot of forum edition piece, the description also is symbolistic write. This kind of practice is not very reasonable, just think one, the home page of the website is to let SE above all the place that capture contacts, should give SE a good impression of course, so that gain taller weight. Accordingly, in the column the core keyword that the website also should reflect as far as possible when edition piece differentiates. Foldout if Meta Keywords and Description label are same

The bottom of forum

Remember from when beginning to learn a composition, the teacher tells us to want coordinate of from beginning to end, a connecting link between the preceding and the following. Accordingly, a good forum is optimized, bottom should have been done of course, can be in forum bottom adds a description to come over there friendship link coordinate of as crucial as the core of the website content rises, such close the program appears faultlessly came out.

Last bits, belong to fundamental job through what above place makes. No matter forum still is a website, the most important is whether offer worthy thing to the user, just think hopes to find can helpful to them thing namely when the user is searched through SE. Accordingly, the content of the website is achieved formerly degree taller, also can get the jubilation of the user more, the person energy of life of similar forum also is met taller and taller, can cast SEO not to talk so. (